posted on June 4, 2008 at 9:16 pm

sydney enveloped in clouds n storms n rain
the city skyline disappears inside a cloud
the gutters overflow
the roofs leak
the umbrellas fall apart
the prying fingers of the rain sink deep everywhere
and strange bugs show up pushed out of their holes by water
insomniac rust eating eating eating
weeds go crazy in the fogs sprouting hither n thither
cool rich executives sit in the beemers in traffic jams
they text their p.a.s and sip their starbucks
the traffic on the bridge slows to a standstill
and the commuters stare dumb at the roiling harbour
pink flowers fall off trees n turn into maroon sludge
the palms rock in the turbulent air
the fronds whirl in the invisible currents
and still the rain falls down
a bad nights sleep full of ominous dreams
dreams in which i could tentatively fly or float
fly high above strange darkened fields
escaping my ever present tormentors
is it a relief to wake up?
the dream world or reality
problems abound
nothing really fits
it was never meant to be fair
and it isnt :
luck and chance prevail out there
but the rain falls on everybody
and the damp rises
and the sun is blotted from the sky
the wind picks up
and the old timbers of the house move n groan
pipes murmur and boards creak
windows rattle within their pains
and the citizens lie in bed
not willing to venture forth on such a day
mothers in cold kitchens cut sandwiches in a trance
the rain slides over the glass
and the grass is all green
and the streets are all slippery
careful with the brakes
snails come out tasting the very air
worms washed out of the sandy soil wriggle all exposed
who sends the rain which lashes this world?
in train compartments people ride through tunnels in trust
planes take off with scared n sleeping people
fishermen cling to rocks in the gloom addicted to the sudden bite
in his room the time being sits
hes wearing one blue one grey explorer socks
hes wearing his linjo beany
hes wearing his busted n fixed n busted n fixed
n busted n fixed n busted n fixed reading glasses
hes wearing a longsleeved t shirt given him by the brother
of one of minnas boyfriends
hes wearing bonds undies and a pair of cheap cord shorts
purchased from k-mart
hes wearing 2 gold earrings that havent been off for 20 odd years
hes typing in the deluge
blah blah blah he writes
suddenly tired though its very early
suddenly tired of himself n all his japes
suddenly weary
more work with tee pee
thank you the cellos were a blast
today: voices
over and out

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