posted on March 31, 2013 at 7:14 pm
side shot

side shot


after the show is over

everybody has their wine

easter rain is falling out there

where i am safe in my little room at the resort

not far from the ocean

the most easterly easter on the island

someone sees me and says something

i heard you were good

thats a lie i say ha ha

i feel so sleepy in my little room

very unmagical

struggling to keep it together to remain awake

even tho its only 8 pm

theres a whole byron bay out there

wheeling dealing falling over

flesh against flesh

drug on drug

i am alone in my cell

i listen to rain  i listen to weird sounds

i listen to phones ringing on in wild silence

and the advent of darkness

and women singing in some garage

and tyres screeching on another free way

i am safe i am secure

let that world outside drink and consume flesh

it has no bearing on me

i am safe and warm and dry and un noticed

my familiar face in deep shadow

my fingers tap this out incessantly

the words fall into my brain

i munch on a packet of hotel crisps

my room is still and neutral

i am satisfied

i want for nothing i am unseen here

all over the world things happen

but not in here

the show is over

i did my bit

singing dancing singing dancing

showbiz kid…..hang on grimmly

the crowd surges

backstage is dark and warm

different people cameramen and stuff

wranglers anglers and fucking fandanglers

people shake yer hand and walk by

some rich old promoter waddling along

some black svelte woman

someones child

a runner with a coffee for joe blow

its a festival

then youre on


then suddenly its all over

and you forgot what it was like

so you back in the room

where its still and its warm

listen to rain falling falling

falling down


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