posted on April 7, 2012 at 1:22 pm

happy easter from the 2 SKs

time of forgiveness

time of love

time of calm

time of renewal

jesus christ was a beautiful cat

he preached tolerance

he preached giving people the benefit of the doubt

he preached even -handedness

he preached going the distance

this was revolutionary then

it still is now

open up your hearts

understand each other

treat each other how you want to be treated yourself

dont worry about the finer theological points

ignore the religious bullshit

just actualise all your love

love love and more love

thats all i can say

doesnt matter if you “believe in” jesus or not

still its an ideal

a way to try to lead your life

be gracious

be nice

go on

the other thing has never worked, will never work…

this then is all we have

love and peace and understanding

sk bondi 2012

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