posted on March 23, 2008 at 1:16 am

sorry bout those sugary kids songs folks
i guess you gotta hear em….
and the lyrics are a bit lame …
i guess you know i can sling around a bit of language
and so i think
well they know i can write ironic bitter and grandiose things
so im just experimenting
i can let them right into my life
heres the personal stuff
kids songs included
anyway if ya wanted to stab me
you picked a goodtime
cos im not feeling so big right now
look im gonna tell ya something about music n art too
the intention of the artist
and your interpretation will never be the same
so let your vision remain intact;
after these things are created
the artist has no more insight
than anyone else
just like i dont n cant control or understand elli n minna
a further comment on the wiggles comparison
they dont hate me
but they would if i was on their tv sets singing
the woofle song every morning
let me assure you
my kids songs have much better melodies than theirs
because my songwriting is still right on
even if its a jingle or kidssong
and i gotta say it
the woofle song is damned catchy
especially as i can hear this great phil spector arrangement
in my head
i guess its hard to always get it right on here
i dont understand it myself
i dont understand myself either
maybe im not the guy who wrote gaf
maybe i have no right to comment on those olde days
maybe that guy disappeared with all his attributes
into the yawning mouth of time
i aint no hip gunslinger no more
i could be i guess
but it is a wearisome mantle
i seen such stuff
you have no idea
im just hoping goodness n mercy now
im just hoping to be a man
i have lapsed in taste many times on this blogge
in the name of the pursuit of honesty
in the pursuit of getting close to whatever i am
i was just that soft olde fool
im a sadder wiser softer fool
but you know
by monday
i could be the nasty little bugger
that pops up here
now n then
to everyone else
thank you for the things you have written
thank you for your thoughts prayers n reflections
let us have no disharmony
have a happy wiggly easter

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