posted on March 30, 2013 at 8:26 pm
rename in light

rename in light

banged up after the garden

the slow clop of the donkey up narrow street

the cross at midnight empty

cruel hammer and tack

into your soft flesh searching in vain

palm trees and red seas

robbers and thieves but no one is joking

that handsome ugly nondescript dark faced man

silence splintered lamb

the nails of beast in your hand

some idiot bawling in your ear

some cloud passing over the son

some memory when things were easier

some devilish woman

some angelic man

some hostile to change too stupid to want to

tell no one of this you said no one no one

how could man do this unto man?

the clawed mallet smashes

the jeering cheering same old crowd

august unaware and far away

one thing after another

all of it leading up to this moment of






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