posted on August 7, 2006 at 2:54 pm

jus’ like in the films
yer humble hero comes goode
oh atlanta you saved the day
a lovely venue
loadsa people
mwp recovery
we play like daemons
powlesy crashes n simmers
mwp rox n rollz
pk is pk is pk
i pluck some bass
i croon some toons
i shimmy n i stroll
like a chicago moll
i feel like im in a real band
atlanta always been so good n kind to us
the south will rise again……
thanks so much to richard n dana for vegan delights
thanks to kevin ns mum n dad
who brought the zwack unicum from hungary
(the black bitter herbal liquor that we all love)
thanks to the people we met at restaurant…mark etc
thanks to keithy dee n rylan
(made ole sk very happy to see ya!!!!
please come to aust soon)
im sittin’ here now
in a very nice hotel lookin’ out over atlanta
huge skyskrapers
a canopy of green trees
a beautiful city
lovely accents
sun shinin’
breezes a’ blowin’
i have an hour left to do some chi gong
do some yoga
before another mammoth drive
to who knows where
somewhere else
the final quote belongs to rob dickinson
who as you may remember is our opening act
hes a very smooth english “cad”
as i said goodnight to him in the hotel corridor
he summed it up nicely
in his toffeee nosed british accent
“real gig, real hotel”
zeniths r us too

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