posted on July 16, 2011 at 10:16 pm

in a deep dark winter

morningside immaculate

the dapple of sealight

the birds in cloudland oh so far below

see the sea let it be itself

and sandflows and duning

thump thumpy thump says ocean

my old heart aches in some hotel

in some room i have forgotten

oh my tears are pearls on the black mat of forgetting

my memory is empty and full

the gulls on the shiny-shore

greywaves pounds down on fish who never fly

worldsend without a warmcoat

my wildhair in this whirlingwind

i remember  thundershot and lightningblast

i stand upon the cliffpeak so gaunt so cold

imagine thermopylae imagine the somme

the same instant murmur from a gathering crowd

the push of delinquent orpheus’ lyre

as eurydice follows behind in her trance

the shudder of crete as the minotaur is born

and aphrodite ripped screaming out of her shell

monkeys in syria vibrating like demons

the arch mesosaur in the surface of dream

i plunge like a swan behind velvetcurtains

i am moss amongst reed

i am swoop amidst glide

dismal observation of my enemy

time and all that money i lost playing poker

a hooded end a falconers death

the hook the barb

the savage beak that tears and rends

the wonder of agony as we breakthrough into newday

hark a voice in my wildernesses

the musk of may

fair as she maybe

the intrepid rapids of melting snows

some night i think i dye and it will be black

oh promise

you will bring me back





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