posted on May 27, 2013 at 7:00 pm

working like a fiend editing this church vid

doing very little else

its starting to take its final shape i guess

sometimes its hard to know what should go in and what should go out

its a pretty unique thing in that i filmed most of it myself

so you see how touring looked from my perspective (literally)

a 1990 world of vinyl and tapes…no mobile phones

tho you do get a glimpse of the tour managers ancient computer

the cars were different the haircuts were different

i guess the music is different

beware this is a home made film

its sometimes jerky blurry and contains intermittent faults with the film itself

i am including all the live music that there was

the cameras microphone  couldnt handle some of it and its a bit distorted

but if you wanna see how we looked onstage in 1990 it is…..

its no dark angry number

theres lots of funny stuff

lots of rambling and raving

especially by me (mostly backstage entertaining the punters)

some classic buffoons and dopey bimbos

roadies in all shapes n sizes

sit down to eat with us

check in with us

have a look round our room with us

get on the bus with us (gus)

hang backstage and have a drink n a smoke (theres plenty to go round!)

watch us play from side of stage

and feel the sheer mindnumbing surrealism of touring

no one has ever been inside a band like this

and there is film of  long previously unheard instrumental from the P=A sessions

if this period of the church or this period in music fascinates you

then this is definitely for you

we did a tour starting in april and ending in august that took in sydney london copenhagen munich spain

italy paris manchester texas NYC boston chicago atlanta vancouver  seattle san fran n LA

over sixty gigs in all

and some of it got filmed

and now its almost there


youre gonna enjoy this

i guarantee it!

cold afternoon figs

cold afternoon figs


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