posted on August 3, 2016 at 9:53 am


sing then o muses

sing of the unholy darknesses that plague men like us

sing of the sirens sing of the witches sing of the gorgons

sing of the great waves that splintered my craft on this isle

and the sand still in my hair

the spells the lies the dreams the games

sing of my musk

sing of my blood

sing of the oil which covers my hands

i am mark antony i am shipwrecked i am nobody

madam is this really illyria?

the glory the racket the days and nights spent lost

the lights were on still we never flinched

the straps the armour the goads the horses tails

yes the honey

yes the flowing milk right there before me a stream

i can still see it..

terrible loveliness always our sweet doom ruin

i try to walk away

i can never walk away

i still long for these times even now

and it burns nectarine

yes it burns

play my songs

do my show

ride the bus

but inside my deepest blackest mind

then its only you who will really  know where i am





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