posted on May 4, 2008 at 5:19 am

inexhaustible fountain
gushing everything from the mysterious source
my memory of memories passed
the secret to all tricks
the graceful one
the explosion of the waters
on the warmest evenings
the twinkling piano i hear it still
on the faintest of breezes perfume lingers
the city shrinks back and the trees scrape its sky
windows all flung open…oh yes!
the birds are singing for me and my gal
the puffy fluffy pinky cloudy clouds just hover there
and aeroplanes fill the sky with the winking red lights
when the moon looks down all beaming and bright
when the cars in the street fade in the night
and the fallen darkness still shines its light
i am waiting waiting
in the arches by ornamental pools
gold scaled carp glide remote and cool
the moon is turning me into a fool
my honey whispers honeyed words
my honey child with her faery ears
my honey child with her hocus pocus too
my sweet thing out on the sweeping scenic lookout
angelfruit peeler
easy enough to sink beneath sleep tonight with you
stay awake whispered the tiny white stars
that monet drew above you
music come forth you declared
and an orchestra struck up loves rhapsody
music yes music
music comes falling from the sky
no human sounds these unearthly strains
no violin was ever bowed could these notes retain
and o’er heaven and earth a great celebration would begin
people rejoice
people sing
people do anything
and angels appeared their hair in flames
with a thousand eyes and a thousand names
signaling the beginning of the games
heralding the new loveliest day
bringing in a gold leaf dawn
a rainbow for my child and i
a soft kiss before we part
and we go

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