posted on February 3, 2008 at 3:27 am

a night of stormy passion
children go gently into good night
black rain falls outside
sydney hot and steamy
my wife and i indulge
in everything
lose myself within my flesh
naked or in my pinstripe suit
i am slave and master
i am brutal and soft
in the darkness my huge pupils see everything
she is so gorgeous
i am such a monster
sweating and bucking and slipping
hours glide by
1 2 3 am
my baby and i love to love
rock around the clock
dont write about that she says
but gee youre good she adds
the rain bangs on
the music plays softly in our room
the fan whirrs
the blinds clang n bang in the breezes
taboo you
we seek oblivion
i am a man
cant you see what i am
spirit mind body
not surviving on head alone
lost in the mysterious temple
four bidden
touching touching
my face says it all
my little wife pulling the strings
sometimes so gentle
sometimes so violent
hurting loving loving hurting
hurt me cupid
hurt me aphrodite
shoot me down
sweet toxic love all over the place
the children dream on
we ride on into the morning
almost no sleep
the ruins of love
the day intrudes
in the cold light she is still beautiful
dishevelled young slim feminine
suddenly the kids are all up
oh no
oh no not ready for that
we retreat into safety
the rain just falls n falls
desire seemingly inexhaustible
why is that?
her smell
her voice
her way of loving
her fragrant breath
her girlish ways
we do not long for the bars n parties
we do not long for the outside
a sanctuary
wedded bliss!

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