posted on June 4, 2010 at 7:50 am

this sky’s disguise
rain pissing on
the wild madman broken down on the other side of limbo
aimlessly going nowhere soon
deep sadness heavy burden
feeling olden and helpless finally
as someday we all must
gotta start my picture again
too much hurt in this
oh i never fucking foresaw it!

the roof rattles
the window shakes
i turn towards my music but its out to lunch
my paints sit there untouched
just the fucking internet whence all trouble comes
tempting screaming begging me to log on again
one more time
give it a shot sucker
write the saddest most heartbreaking thing you can muster
that might just make someone stop and listen
listen to the sound of of some horrible terrible future
almost upon us
now separated by the flimsiest luckiest chance now itself unravelling
some kid of thirteen sees some stupid singer on tv
hey he seems so familiar….
and the kid leans into the future and shouts
does it really all have to be this way?
ok then this is the brave new world now
and anything goes and then everything goes wrong
and then you fight wrong with wrong and you get more wrong back
and no one ever learns and
long after i’m pushing up dazes
the same old idiots going thru the same old thing
whatever you reckon
insert yer own pointless example of futility here
all these words but none of them going thru
absent voice : you hurt me…..
i’m sorry
absent voice : you hurt me good
look i said i’m sorry!
absent voice : you bastard you hurt me!
look fuck it all I SAID I”M SORRY
absent voice : Dont you Shout at ME !
I”M NOT SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!???????
(the actor (its roy scheider( from all that jazz))
appeals to the darkened audience
but the audience are already leaving the building
erskine turns to conesuela who shot him right between the eyes
erskine : why …..
conesuela : i didnt think the gun was so loaded…
and the people in the cinema say
aw fuck! is this the bloody ending
and they want their money back
and erskine wants his money back too
but boo hoo hes fucked whichever way he turns
he tries to be understanding but this magician has
no control over his temper trap
his magic seems awfully thin
his eyes are quite unmesmerizing
fuck! he says
and ya gotta laugh
and ya gotta cry
and you gotta wonder why
and you gotta get over it and get by
made your bed
you oughta lie
a nice long sleepy sleep
you wake up
n yer outta prison n outta hospital n outta the rain
and outta the cold and outta the hurt
and outta the poison
that clear almost tasteless colourless poison
going straight for mens hearts
like a liquid spear
killing everyone at once

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