posted on March 30, 2006 at 2:30 am

still v. warm here in bondi
back in mah cafe
the strains of
“i wanna dance with somebody who loves me”
drift on the sullen sultry salty air
i must say at this moment
i consider the abovementioned song
to be the most pathetic dreg of pop ever made
hollow empty egotistic struggles
of a thankfully bygone age
everything about it cheap tawdry meaningless
is this why we had the sixties?
it dont matter how you weed the garden
they always come back
we struck a blow against this sort of tripe
in the frontline at bully high
in red velvet shirts n floursinourhare
i thought we nailed that meaningless saccharine tripes ass
but it just reappears
in a slightly different form
thats all
some peanut in the 1950s woulda been proud
of a title like that
in all its self obsessed vacuousness
i immediately feel total antipathy
and wish i could end their dancing days forever

been playing my copy of mimesis
that i got off s.pol
down in melby
actually if you were at the gigg
you maya heard it playin before we went on
it aint everyones cuppa mescaline
but if it is..
oh boy youre gonna really like it
cmon polinski
i aint callin’ ya a geenius anymore
its gone to yer head
and it aint a pretty sight
but by god, man
you can twiddle the twiddlers
make the woofers tweat
you are the man
that kisses n cuddles music
good on ya
it can sure use it
mimesis will be out soon
id be surprised if ya didnt think it was
the best record ever made
the best record that ever will be made
ever by anybody
at least you should think that
ha ha fiend
you thinka im joking..
then just ask the little lord of misrule
who drifted of to some esoteric haven
entranced by the universe
that mimesis ripped in her living room
a portal opened
she stepped thru
and polinski n cohorts
guided her down this black street
to an olde warm familiar place
that can never be described
but once you been there
you forever wanna get back
which explains all that misrule
better to be a twig in heaven
that a king in hell
goodbye ll
and try to behave…

i dunno
what else
so much happening
nothing changing
years flash by
moments that last forever
who knows anything?
not me
see ya 2morro

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