posted on June 6, 2011 at 2:11 pm

sudden revelation of elevation

anger is fire

anger all consuming rising up in the gorge

anger screaming demanding burning

anger pierces me in the side

anger dressed in flames races through me leaves me ash

see me go up like a forest in summer

fight anger with anger

pour on more anger

fight fire with fire

the indignant the proud the cruel the furious fury

revenge and hatred and  ire and loathing

yes let them be unleashed

pull down violence and pain

anger must be appeased

it is too big to be extinguished

too in to be put out

anger is red anger is male anger is singular

anger is not an energy it is an explosion of energy

anger oh you know you will regret it but who can resist?

not me

i aint no gentleman jim

i aint no saint

i aint no turn the other fucking cheek

anger is within me waiting its turn opportunistically

volcano of white hot lava see me blow my top

a certain pathetic ratbag

who infested my house uninvited gets mentioned

and baby i am at fever fucking pitch before the second syllable …

that the universe could produce these individuals

so devoid of any moral compass

capable of any treachery or perjury or trespass

hyaenas would shake their heads

jackals would cross the street to avoid them

tyrants would suck in their breath

any image of ratbag

any mention of ratbag

any attempt at any amelioration of ratbag

fucking incenses one  to some high blood pressure hell

this anathema to decency

this collision with uselessness

this constant forced exposure to sheer misery personified

oh steven i stand back and fear for your health when i see you like this

i know my muse but the elemental is feeding off this

it wont let  me alone

and i cant let it go

whenever of think of this wretch

the elemental in waiting appears in my brain

before i know it i am a crazy man

riding a crazy horse

and i cant get off until the ride is all over

my mouth fills with the vilest words

and my heart pumps with boiling blood

my spleen and bile

the great winter of my discontent

the discordant notes in my music

the throb of pain in my head

the elemental is fed

the anger subsides

it leaves me empty handed gasping for breath

my mind is a scorched earth

my heart is cold and turgid

my perspective gone

my day shattered

my composure decomposed

my stitch unravelling

my valves bouncing

my engine warped

my train of thought derailed

and the elemental sleeps and waits

until there is something again for it to eat






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