posted on February 3, 2011 at 8:59 am

episode 23 : the mortal portal

yeah the flesh

yeah the decay

yeah the cash oh yeah the cash is flowing n drying up

yeah the jostle the jostle for position

the position to strike first

quiet day in hollywood

an interview on the phone

what am i the wise old man of fucking rock…?

what do i know….i’m in the church and we meander carefully along

l.a. big deal

the moon big deal

the entire universe big deal

i am strangely detached i am at some hazy distance from it all

i dont care i only care about the words i must sing

the notes i must play

because when the bass goes wrong things sound really sick

so i have 3 ways to go wrong

1the bass

2the singing

3both at same time

i gotta remember all those words in anchorage n disillusionist

at the moment i in hotel waiting to go

always waiting around my lord aint it the way

down to sound check and all its racket n mayhem

i hate soundchecks i loathe em

what do i know but they kill my damaged ears

anyway tonite the 1st show

have no comment

but definitely at this stage a wing n a prayer jobby i’d have to say

i’m sure the church can pull it off …so to speak..

but i wouldnt be shocked if they didnt either

notice how i talk about us as they

freud could have a field day

anyway folks stick around these catacombs because no doubt i’ll be back later

with all the up to date stuff on what happened when the church played l.a.

hey one hell of a warm up gig, guys….or what……??!!

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