posted on June 20, 2010 at 7:44 am

rest in pieces
some otherworld
some before n afterlife
wind sings in the reeds
reeds sing in the wind
everything i touch turns to spirit
no winter here
the forest is alive
the waving fields of wheat and barley
golden summer day stretch endlessly
purple summer night move through me
friend, swim in cool lakes of dream
etruscan wife
she tramples the bursting grape
horses crop the grass contentedly
my scars heal leaving a silver mark on the brown skin
my children play out there in the dusk
i can hear their plainsong
i can feel their pleasure
the different stars shine in the sky
the different birds sing in the different trees
midnight comes without darkness
noon arrives without its heat
mercy in my hands to bestow
patience in my heart to choose
my patron goddess hidden in clear view
pallas athena swift as light
move towards me smiling still
lily white
eyes black as night
hair lustrous falling in coils of jet
wielding wisdom as her shield
evenings of marvel
mornings of grace

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