posted on June 13, 2013 at 6:41 pm
hemlock bound

hemlock bound

crossing the synapse

i blot out eyes

the realms they travel

outlandish sea

world of whorled beginning

we turn up in a cave

somehow i will decipher meaning here

this beast first creature by creature

this tiny morning captured in stone

this ice has cut deep planet chasm

this volcanic heat we must muster

you whirl around in a sudden blur

something has come in upon us then

in yesterdays scream i hear its death

you hack away in a trance of burning stillness

the poor thing groans its life out upon black floor

glass exterior protects my skin from such occurrences

my fingers collect data from bevelled sphered surfaces

microscopic dust emits red giant charisma

the readings take on a peculiar surge




i blot out eyes yes

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