posted on December 11, 2007 at 11:16 am

just come home from enmore show
still all hot n sweaty
i personally made a loada mistakes on ye olde bass
we seemed to go down ok
maybe a bit too arty for the crowd
nk says we were brill
she says i looked like a “god”
she said we played inexorably
especially ripple
my left ear ringing like a hellish bell
i dont care anymore
viva la rock, baybee
shimmy shimmy shake
let it all out
let it all in
take it as it comes
its coming down hard like a burning plane
rock come and eat my soul
rock thrash me
rock jolt me with your pomp and vain-glory
rock beat me down and make me love it
rock my role model
roll over funs
roll over you innocents
rock me hard sister
rock me in my deaf cocoon
rock me with my stupid english accent
rock me with my straddle and stray
hold down the whip
strip me open
flay my soul and sear my flesh
rock for life
rock for peace
rock for rock sake
rock when you feel hungry or tired or alone
rock for the blue god and the other avatars
rock all you atlanteans
rock all you lemurians
rockin’ seekin’ sikhs
rockin johnny and jains
rock for allah and jehovah
rock for the mineral kingdom
rock for the perfect man
rock for tits n ass
fender jazz bass rolls royce sustain
gimme an in
gimme an f
gimme a back beat i cant lose it
in the free world
go go go you firewalkers
go you snakecharming lithe mo-ses
sam therapy and king dice
all over lyonesse
in avalon and cosa mui
in machu pichu where the spirits are
holy rock
rock of ages
hammer and songs
guarana and damiana
cocaine baybee yeah
oh we are flying too low
guitars fracture
drums walloping bash boom crash smash wham
bang shanga langa ganga bang bim bam bong
smoke and fire
do it

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