posted on November 28, 2007 at 1:58 am

this world continues to amaze
i need to balance the bad with the good
i need to stop wondering why people let it happen
because after all
what could we have ever done
elli n minna come over
we get to chatting about the election
and elections in general
now imagine elli n minna
all swedish leftish and
so idealistic and naive
they are still operating under
a very 16 year old assumption
that this world is fair and or just
someone mentions mr g w bush
elli and minna couldnt believe that
when we told em
he had the election rigged
by various ways
disallowing votes from largely democrat voting areas
how the high court appointed by his own cronies helped him
how the whole dubious malarkey went down in a state
and climate lovin’ experienced peaceful al gore
did not get the gig that most americans wanted and had fairly
voted him into
but that a blatant cheat and imposter
a privileged and spoilt child
a draft dodging drug using drunk drivin’ business ruiner
a man of very average intelligence and no charm or grace
an untravelled man
an inexperienced man
seized the throne in the most powerful kingdom in the world
and everybody sat back and let it happen
elli and minna screaming at me
but why didnt anybody do anything?
im sorry my girls
but what the fuck didja think we coulda done?
a revolution?
cos as far as i know
thats the only way to deal with usurpers and despots etc
we in the west
we just had to wait it out
till he goes
and then in time
we can all look back and see him
for what he is
just like johnson and nixon and
their belligerent australian equivalents
because this guy has caused
a lot of people to get killed
some of them definitely didnt have to be dead now
many of them innocent families
thats right children were killed and hideously maimed
as in vietnam
who deemed this necessary?
what great statesman persuaded us in the west
that we needed to kill some more children somewhere
to guard liberty
because they hated “our” way of life
and then
and oh this is this ironic twist de la creme
when his own country actually needed him
when serious calamity struck
he was
if you dont believe it go to new orleans
and buy yerself a
make levies not bombs t shirt
but what are we supposed to do about it?
no i dont have no answers
im a pop singer after all
not even a good or popular one either
im just saying
i just accept it in numb denial like all the rest
we pretend these idiots know what they are doing
we KNOW in our heart of hearts they dont….
the job of leading a country
especially a huge and powerful country
requires a charismatic genius
who can speak 5 languages
has spent much time abroad
he should be artistic athletic humble patient
etc etc etc
its the most important thing in the world
cant we agree the system is failing us
look at ww 1
so many of us killed, brothers and sisters
why oh why did we believe it then?
why did we all have to die in this war?
but what could you do
we dont want to go to jail
we dont want a revolution either
we just want to raise our families etc etc
same as it ever was
the top guys should be appointed
like any other top job
the elections are a joke
you need money
you need to navigate the party faction bullshit
you need propaganda and secret backers
you need cronyism and nepotism
all that caper
no real person actually fit for the job is gonna go thru that
the 2 party thing is bullshit too
especially when they are almost the same
except one gets you involved in more wars
where is the choice?
should we be the ones even doing the choosing
i mean
as it goes
we the people
havent had much luck
in getting the right guys into the jobs
look at all the complete fools
the west has elected to various jobs since whenever
sorta people who led us into loadsa wars
im not talking just the english speaking west either
europes produced a few individuals
who were responsible for oceans of blood needlessly spilt
no idea is worth one drop of blood
unless it be your own blood you spill
unlike the idea of say
the domino theory
a lotta people died for that
or christianity
a lotta people died for that
or witchcraft
a lotta people died for that
her brave son who gave his life to save the slogan
my daughters outrage at “the way things are”
forces me to take on the weary realist with them
i know but what can ya do i just say over and over…..
we need a revolution of the heart
as soon as the next guy comes along and starts talking bout war
if its not a war actually involving somebody invading us
us in the fucking west i mean
yes yes
try and stop wars if we have to
but not start the ones dont need to be started
its never worked
ww1 and ww2 were mostly west against west
we annihilated each other just about
and we invented and used atomic bombs
havent we learnt anything?
we need to be more careful
we need to examine the way we’re doing things
we need to take care of the poor and old and helpless everywhere
we need to be compassionate towards the “dumb” beasts
who dont speak our lingo
no more fucking wars
no more fucking bombs
try to entice some intelly-gents into these gigs
like that guy they had in india before they shot him
and old abe and jfk who they also shot
and his bro
who they also shot
they even killed marilyn monroe
and we find out
40 years later
and go
oh….thats just awful
and turn away
go back to deletin’ some stuff outta my ipod
and i say
what the fuck can I do?

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