posted on September 28, 2008 at 12:14 am

spent yessaday involved in a secret malarkey
i have signed confidentiality deal
so sorry cannot spill the beans
even to you lot
but read tomorrows syd daily telegraph or is it the sun?
the crunch are up to their eyeballs in some strange caper
that cant tell ya about just yet
i will when its over
this one came outta left field recently
but onlookers say
they saw a gang of olde reprobate rockers
posing round kings cross in their sharp new clothes
ha ha ha ha ha
you better be watchin’ out for this one
and gee i make myself laff
yesterday my wardrobe guys were saying
steve , do you want some accessories?
no thanks(i hilariously quipped)
at my age i’m more interested in a burial scheme
than having accessories
(accessories!!?) (me!!?)
my fucken accessory is my 4 string fender lovecaster
and my golden halo
the saint who is no saint
and theres my ricky in the paper again yessaday
i got one
my picture of ricki
that only just ever survived at all
there it is in the fucking sydney morning herald
thats a good newspaper friends
and wow
there it/he is
on the whats on guide
pretty as you please
im gonna stick it on my fridge!
sunday finds the c rehearsing for mystery gig
must avoid all and any argy bargy
but sigh
after painkiller i am reluctant to return to
more trodden pastures
i’m being told something by my heart
that my brain hasnt wanted to hear
only my heart can steer my way
and my brain can just work out the logistics
i really believe all directions i pursue may come to fruition
i believe i can be all things to all men
i believe painkiller to be a lovely record
one of the best i or any one ever did
whats the message?
beware…there is magic afoot….
things aint hardly what they seem
what is n whats s’posed to be…thats the question
i am a throwback to men of other times
i am a vanguard of things to come
when men will love language again
and the modern myths will be measured alongside the ancient
and reconciled
and all art and music and literature is ours to plunder
ao io io ao i have no allegiance to no one


post script
i hear natalie say omigod
and comes in with the sunday telegraph
complete with (awful) picture of band
and article with so many errors thats its a jokey joke
and you can find out what we’re doing
read it n weep

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