posted on November 23, 2010 at 4:11 pm

airfix hurricane

when i get you home

stumble through the door

waiting waiting in some soft sunlight i drift away

i have a dream

oh no not another dream i gotta stop having

something says but have this dream

some soothing voice some golden tone

anyway as well as everything else

my dream kissed my parched lips

i watched thru my brains mirror

every reflection distorts and ripples away

the future rips apart

underneath song after song after song

naked song flung headlong all wrong

we wrestle like angels for a while

the sky turning angry hurls darts of cloud

come crashing down

all  falling apart

then  running to me

i underwater with this

i move slowly thru dense green days

i move thru silent house empty headwise

numb in a cold shower

still the wondering sun

i adjust

i go on

deeper in time

am i a head or be hind

am i be fore or for ward

this cant make sense

life doesnt why should this i’d like to know

life somewhere else

power flows thru us

sublime cosmic energy oh ha ha can you feel it

take your time take your place

events continue to warp out of time

the  time being on your hands

the time being for now

the time being a tamed blamed   creature

ok i gotta get back into it here

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