posted on April 17, 2011 at 9:20 pm

rode rage

my mind is a seething lava lover

i’m on the boil

dreaming up fresh mischief

cruel coz i cant abide cruelty

everyone is in my sights bang bang bang

a world wore one ace

i strode this old stage before they assembled you from new atoms

i was here before you and without you

in this asphalt eden in this hour of scraper tower

these mean average streets

i was snorting hook and shooting up a river

while your universe still in its infancy

drifted around your mother stars inchoately free

(you had not yet met me )

and delighting comets shot thru your sky

and terrible devils delved in your earth

i heard you howl once from these one score years

i put it down to morpheus

my misguiding light the white lady

all those promises had me jagged

when all she really wanted was to get me by the balls

nevertheless i seem to digress

i cant do 18th century quite like byron shelley

remember him i think you had him once

i’m sure he writhed in loves embrace with some ridiculous face

ah men and the women who love ’em

if i was women i wouldnt love me

i’d love some rich apollo from galilee

i’d love some gorgeous fucking hunk oooh what a chunk…!

i wouldnt love me or most of them jerks that work the bars

hearing that same old slop

some beer swilling clown shouting at a screen

some ignorant oik some philistine prick

some tattooed musclebound macho dick

crinkly greasy little blond curls

his nostrils hideously spread from sniffin’ the air for gurls

his narrow parochial middling world

yeah chug it darlin’ chug your ale

you brain of  snail

you door nail

meanwhile somewhere else

(that counts)

life is haywire for your reception

everything is wrong

a bad forgery of reality you thought

stay untuned it can always get worse

i lash out against violence

i only want peace i moan as i trample on a treaty

yeah war will break out like some teenage kids forehead

love sister its just a shot away

my anchor is embedded in the sea

the wind like those vicious idiots that extrude into my life

like expecting sense from a poet

like a silverfish in a gold glut

i am the master of all these words i juggle

i am sent here on some unknown mission

i am obsessive furtive secretive almost obsolete

i am seldom sweet i am rarely discreet i have cold feet

i am easily beat

my events are influenced by the stupid stars

and some script that shoulda been ripped up n chucked on a tip

fuck that ship

the full moon has calmed my outrageous rage

and fuck this crush as i try to jimmy open this page

oh i wanna read what they all write to you

yes i do

i wanna hear their abysmal excuse for a bribe

their loveletters are wetter and no better than any other g’rillas

all foam and filler not like the killers

the killers loose in the ancient gallery again

walks on down the haul

until he comes to the room of his baby


yes killer?

i want to………




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