posted on June 15, 2011 at 6:42 pm

temporary magic 7

i fucking love rocknroll

love its myths and characters

love its ups n downs

love its snakes and its ladders

love its ritual love its symbolism

love its tradition love its innovation

love its winners love more its losers

i love to fucking rock and lemme tell ya its a loada fun

man you can just say whatever you want

man you can just play whatever you want

every song should have everything in it

not much you cant put in a rock song

except mundanity and tepidness

then you got pop i guess

you can be rock and still pop

but you cant be pop and then rock

is it love that makes us rock ?sang marco boleyn

a deeply profound and deceptively simple question

because what the fuck does make us rock after all if it is not love?

love of your baby

love of your friend

love of your brother and sister

love of this earth

love of anything even if its bad i suppose

rock is so subtle and so obvious

rock to describe feelings no other artform can or even tries to

a wild hedonistic pagan spirituality steeped in its own icon and iconoclast

a collision between black rhythm indian drone white melody

if he were alive homer would be rocking and william shakespeare too

gilgamesh was a rocker so was lucifer the naughty one

jesus could do lovely ambient stuff and beautiful folk

but once in the temple with the money changers he really rocked

he blew em away with a blast of proto rock rapping

had the phucking pharisees bopping in their kaftans baby

oh yes jesus could write lyrics too …are you kidding me?

ask nicky cave for example…..

throw in a bit of jesus into a bit of the old murder malarkey

and you got some new profound trip happening before you can say amen

oh yeah napoleon rocked too

he fucking brought the house down

charisma in spades a proto beatles hairdo and sgt peppers get up

hand in his jacket as a gimmick

a french salon groupie slut for a wife

hes like the artist formerly known as prince in whatever century that was

fuckin’ hannibal barca …i mean how rocking was this freakin’ druid?

he fuckin’ well rocked rome and that was a hard city to crack

buddha was a brian eno type but nevertheless rock

krishna is like a hindu ziggy stardust complete with tragic ending

but whilst burning bright he was androgynous and beautifully weird

just like ziggy!

houdini was a rocker n he rocked in spades

he was dazzling and he left em gasping

rasputin was alice cooper and percy shelly was peter frampton

guy fawkes was the clash

caligula was marilyn manson

nero was courtney taylor taylor

king henry the eighth was elvis

robespierre was rage against the machine

dr john dee was john lennon

isaac newton was paul mccartney

gandhi was george harrison

doubting thomas was ringo starr

archduke ferdinand was pete best

louis pasteur was george martin

fuck i dunno

liszt was rog adultery

dante was um….me…according to a secret doctrine adhered to by certain people

panthers rock

cheetahs rock

wolves rock like a heavy metal band

eagles rock

falcons rock

bears dont rock

squirrels dont rock

sharks rock but its vicious cold rock like the velvets

dolphins are easy listening rock

swans are jeff buckley

kittens are richard from the underground lovers

pandas are kiss

fire is rock sometimes air rocks too

water rarely rocks and earth never

male is rock female is rock

but in the right ratio

too much male and you got a building site

too much female and you got a bridal boutique

too much young you got a cartoon

too much old you got a game of fucking cricket

rock is also wore and piece

too much war you got yer johnny rotten

too much peace you got the friggin’ thompson twins

too much thought you got rick wakeman

too little thought you got robbie williams

blah blah blah

go and rock on then

in the free and freer worlds

in the far distant past and future to the birthday present day

rock is the answer

the question

the equation

the spell

the need

the reason

we rock because we love


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