posted on August 15, 2012 at 7:34 pm

mild light

blessed evening warm and gentle

return to the valley come back to the hills

sounds of celebration somewhere in the air out there

the grumble of traffic

the relentless surf pounding in the dark

rumblings of distant future

dogs howl out in loneliness

the whispering leaves moving about as if the trees were creatures

my ears ring faithfully on containing every note i ever played

my eyes dim blurry fogs

i am receding from this world

i no longer apprehend it vividly

it is out there but

planes come in to land

thundering through the sydney sky all lit up

i sit at my desk

i am an imaginary locus

more planes more cars more surf

palm trees full of fruit bats all talking at once

moments yes moments

just lots of moments

spring is nearly here i feel it

one day i swim one day i drown etc

like this evening up the score

scoring an evening like this




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