posted on October 25, 2011 at 5:25 pm

semi-detached suburban mr james

to tell you the truth there is a lot happening at the moment

ok i guess i’ll just try n mention everything in random order

as is my want and my wont

first of all i was knocked off my chair

by the brilliance of the hammock track i sang on

its called “no agenda”

a classic case of having  a spliff

go into a bit of the old semantic hyper priming …you know….

then i sing it all a load of different ways

and timothy gg powles has pulled out all the stops

for tis he who am behind this lovely mix

he is a true master of the studio our timothy

i am totally over the moon with the song

very nice work to all involved


i’m playing at an italian restaurant on thursday night

here in sydney

its extremely lowkey

but i am seeing it as a chance to experiment with my raconteur carryon

it will be more intimate than i have ever been ever

i want me and the audience to feel at ease here

i want to let them see the real me whoever the fuck that is

its nobody really but its an interesting concept

i’m different everytime i run into myself

i say to myself you should try being me

so a small function room no more than 30/40

and me and my trusty guild 12 imbued with music

yeah entertain em

32 years of stories with the church

why this? why that ?

so be there its this thursday night in russell lea in sydney

uh i did this jello biafra gig at the forum 2 shows

i guess he certainly confused my expectations of him

anyway he has his kinda thing spoken word thing

a lot of it was this time examining the “occupy” movement

hes committed to good socialist sensible principles

he’d like sweden actually itd be his cuppa tea

so after jellos done his thing

they trot out some panellists including your ‘umble’ero

what the fuck do i know ?

so i mention the fact that money

and the monetary system are a big part of the problem

money corrupts almost everybody

so we need to get rid of money

and then i said

just coz there are many conspiracy theories

does not yet mean that the conspiracy does not exist

i believe there are certain international bankers

yeah you know those guys who bankrolled both sides

in some of those great big wars we seem to keep having

and these bankers also run the american reserve bank

sorry they are the reserve bank

it seems to me that we should take their influence into view

thirdly the spiritual component

its all maya for goodness sake

this life is a dream when youre dead

nothing to get hung about

anyway i didnt contribute that much

then the next day i swung over to m kennedys

who lives in leafy brunswick

we nailed four more songs and lo they were good

the church is on a national tour in dec so watch out!

most tickets are on sale now

this is our very best show so far

worth the $ just to hear p=a in its entirety

and u23 n starfish not bad either

sk premium continues to evolve in our head

soon we will have a premium only section on this site

where SKPers will be able to see and hear exclusive stuff

we will have merchandise soon including t shirts CDs bags etc

we are working on a way where i could be available for chats

(apparently bowie does this)

anyway theres stuff coming down the line

SKP will continue to hopefully  evolve

and everyone will be happy

viva the time being !












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