posted on December 28, 2012 at 1:09 pm
  or well

or well

if the world can hang around long enough

if we can survive this era of malevolence ….

things will come good ….eventually….

i believe ….eventually…

we will see the end of guns , meat and war

we will see the end of puritan bullshit

like telling us who can get married

and what you can do with your own consciousness

dont tell me i cant take drugs coz theyre bad for me

but then send me to your useless war….

we , the people, never signed on for that…

i believe eventually common sense and love will prevail…

but it will belong long long after all of us are gone

the (human) world lurches towards getting it right

in countries like sweden where they are neutral (no war)

where the sick and handicapped and the young and old are looked after

how can a country not look after these groups, its beyond me…

whats the point in all the riches in the world

if everyone is in misery around you…?

i’m so sick of hearing about second amendment this n that…

when those guys framed that constitution they

1 . had only muskets (they did not anticipate guns that could spew bullets!)

2. people didnt randomly shoot school children in those days…..

(and why do they now tho?)

so i believe eventually

guns will be rightly seen as the death dealing instruments they are (obviously)

and they will be taken away from EVERYBODY! eventually……

if a comet dont hit us

if a nuclear bomb dont blow us apart

i have seen this meatless gunless hateless society in my heart n dreams

and after all it is what most of us have always wanted

a world devoid of horror and endless violence

the era of the gun and bomb is over

they only bring more pain and more guns and bombs

nothing must be killed! we do not have the moral right!

every life is sacred , the beasts as much as us!

we are, if anything, the beasts custodians not their killers….

this is what i believe

i believe so passionately and so thoroughly in anti-meat anti-gun

that on my page i brook no argument

you cannot will not ever persuade me that guns or meat or war are necessary

it is an obscenity to me


you can argue with me that god exists

or that this football team will win

or that blah blah is a great record or whatever

i will of course print all that

but on these fundamental points to me there is no argument

just like child abuse or slavery or bestiality or equal rights

there are no pros n cons

there is only the moral law

the moral law is not up for debate

it does not change from year to year or from place to place

it holds me in its orbit

i’m sorry i cannot abide killing

it is not the way forward

that is implied in my music and words

this moral law governs my life and my work

the way forward is (cliche ahead!) love

love the ugly!

love the poor!

love the beasts!

love the syrians and the iranians!

instead of drones send them love actualised!

look after every body

there is enough stuff on this earth for everyone

the obscenely rich must share the wealth

the obscenely poor must be cared for

its christmas time folks

have a little read thru the gospels

see how our man Jeshua handled himself

talk about the middle path

a bunch of angry violent bastards about to stone a woman to death

(this still happening literally and virtually and symbolically today)

Jeshua says :

Yeah go ahead guys …only let the guy who hasnt himself fucked up

chuck the first fucking rock… (more or less)

of course this stopped those bastards in their tracks

well uh i ah guess uh….(they say)

no one can cast that first stone, can they…?

they all wander off grumbling i suppose

the adulterous woman says to J

what should i do….?

J says : go home and try n behave yerself

(the exact aramaic escapes me!)

thats the way things should be done!

instead we have a bunch of homicidal lunatics

(lets call em the same old bunch!)

the leaders of the “free” world

the louder n more often the word liberty is used

is in exact opposite proportion to how it much oppresses its own citizens

the land of the free has more jails and more in jail than anywhere else

you can buy a fuckin gun that can blow away a hundred people in a second

but tim leary got chucked in jail for years for having 2 joints or something

yeah thats real freedom n liberty

you know what ?

i been round the world mostly

i met people from everywhere

italians americans spaniards scandinavians thais brazilians indians

aborigines native americans mexicans eskimos africans you name it

guess what?

there are superficial differences between us

but everyone has that same need to feel loved and safe

to be left alone

everyone everywhere loves their mum n dad n their kids too

didnt matter where i went the people loved their children

the same way the exact same way i love my own

like every hair on the body is precious

like you couldnt bear to see anything bad happen to em

all mammals feel the same way

its hard wired into us

it is inescapable fact of mammal life

that we love (in our own way) our offspring

it would be abhorrent otherwise!

love must prevail

therefore i cannot condone or bear to see happening to others

what i could not bear for myself…

if i was president i could not bear to send even one soldier to his death

because i myself could not bear to see my own son or daughter killed

if i was a slaughterman i could not slaughter one beast

because i could not bear to see one of my own kind slaughtered

you must not deal out that which you cannot bear yourself

(that there is a moral law)

so i am tired of the same old bunch of people killing everybody n everything

and same old bunch of reasons for it

a brave new world requires a little bravery from the people in it

we need a revolution of the heart

JC started or restarted or helped kick along that revolution 2012 years ago (approx)

it requires a bit of bravery to realise the dark age is over if we, the people ,say so

clinging to meat or guns or pre-emptive wars

wars that illegally invade and murder people that are eventually fruitless

in every way

( that there were no fucking WMDs…um .shouldnt someone get into trouble over that?

doesnt someone say..excuse me you just got millions of people killed …

but there were no WMDs…?!)

i’m sorry

the only way to start is zero tolerance

let people  look after their own consciousness

let them marry each other

let them live and have families and enjoy this earths abundance!

i aint going along with killing under any circumstances

it starts here

i can only speak for myself

but that belief is now an absolute in my system

i hope eventually if everyone in some distant future can believe that

we could actually have heaven on earth

until then….



ive had a bastard of a day myself

(i speak in relativity here, i am still fortunate and grateful of course!)

i almost drowned because i froze up in the ocean on a bay swim

not fear of sharks like last time

this time i just had a little loss of faith

and at the same time i lost my breath

interesting actually

because in many languages spirit (faith) is same word as breath

so i almost drowned n the more i almost drowned the more i almost drowned…!

then a big wave crashed me into the stairs

winding me and now one of mah ribs is throbbing like a good’un

then my falcon (tibi the 2nd)

is in bad shape

the geeza from garage rings up as i get outta pool

(already reelin’!)

my car is gonna cost every last penny i currently got

and my rego runs out tomorrow!

and my parking doo dah tomorrow

(or they start booking me 120 bucks a pop!)

and a message from my bank feed yer credit card or else!

like everyone else chrimbo has strapped me o’ cash

i appreciate that, believe me

however if any of you out there were thinking of a SK premium subscription

or renewing last years or something along those lines

(a late christmas gift….)

lemme just say

now would be a real handy time to do it

of course if you cant or dont wanna or not interested

that is perfectly okey doke

( no comments along those lines required please)

no worries

just talking to any loaded cats (i probably just denounced in the rich rant…)

any loaded cats out there with a few extra chris-miss bickies

chuck em my way….

subscribing helps me to write this blog in the first place


subscribing cos we have stuff coming up….





love sk bondi blah blah blah


ps the garage man

(his name is eugene

i said: careful with that axle, Eugene!

he didnae laugh tho)

he just rang up

“its more than he or i even thought!”

merry christmas tibi 2nd

you just took me to the cleaners !



a gun in the home increases the chance of being killed by firearms 72 %
a gun in the home is responsible for vast majority of children killed by firearms
a gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a suicide homicide or accident than to be used in self- defence
a gun in the home triples the risk of a homicide
a gun in the home increases the likelihood of suicide fivefold
an abused woman is 6 times more likely to be murdered if there is a gun in the home






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