posted on December 31, 2009 at 5:41 am

2009 ends in a sultry steamy day in bondi
i go up to bondi jnctn n buy some recording gear
so i can complete my new double album of solo songs
now its gonna be better than ever
i want to wrestle new music out of the universe for ya
it has be pulled out alive n screaming
i gotta get completely handson to to what i must do
no other person may come between me n the music
it will be pure time being
no traces of anyothers will be found with in it
i need to make every decision when i make my record
you have to understand its coming how nature intended it
but lookout honey coz i’m using technology
i always have
i always have utilized technology
i am no luddite
just lazy
i fell behind for a while
now i must step back up into total control over my own music
not the churchs but my own
willy paradise keeps goading me to make that perfect double album
yes i will try tho i will never succeed
but my failure will be gloriously executed ….one hopes..
after all this time…
my dear readers
the music i make from this point in will be extraordinary
an olde master now
in full possession of his faculties tho slightly delusional
my trials my tribulations my triumphs my trying
all have shaped me
it was necessary
i am a flower who will bloom in winter
in the white cold winter i guarantee an explosion
in my own winter
however long may it be
i hereby promise you some lovely music
thats all i can do
and now try to deliver on it
blah blah blur
yeah 2010 and ever since
i will lay my hands on guitars
with new understanding i will coax rather than force
but force it will be if necessary
i will force my bass to do things
i will force it into low and heavy places
and it will pump n writhe all it likes
and my bass guitar my familiar
charged with a million notes
drenched in sweat and tears and saliva and blister-water
baptized in smoke and booze
caressed lewdly
yet embraced like a child
so fucking heavy a load around my neck like a ton
eh whats that….?
i never felt a thing….
is mine the best bass in the whole world?
i do believe it is
i really do
and i really believe the wood has taken up my charge
and is like an energy battery
which discharges when the music starts to lift off
its been a fucking amazing decade for my b(r)and
we have released a number of very good records
like back with 2 beasts for christ sake
how good is that record?
only the church
could casually let such a pearl slip out there
to no reviews
limited to mail order
and yet
man thats a good record
as good as anything
better than most
of course
there is nothing left to be said about 23
its a classic its a classic its a classic
it scored 87% aggregate mark from all of its different reviews
but yes
vain as i am about our band…..
we should get that result
(although i think giving records scores is a bit schoolish isnt it
but i likey when i get top marks!)
unfortunately time is against us now
we are not spring soy chicken bits any longer
this week 2 aust legends pass away
its right on the cards
for you too not just me
so we gotta concentrate
make the most of the moments we have remaining in the game
maybe la church already in time-on…..
maybe we could kick on another 5 or 10
who knows?
we intend to keep going i guess
what else could we do now?
music is all we have
all we know
all we know we can trust
music at the beginning
music at the end
i wrote the soundtrack to my own life
and lo all my songs are always coming true
i threw em away carelessly but they took root n grew
all those songs
all those clues
all those arrangements
i thought it all through
i put myself into those songs
i caught em out there in the darkness where they were waiting
i was standing at the crack in the worlds
when my nightfriends would arrive bearing tunes
its true i have stolen songs from other places
songs buried deep in my memory but probably never mine
is this all too mystical for you?
where do these songs come from
well i’d like to know
because i written so many now
so many bad
so many good too
i created my own schtick
i mine my own mind now
but i sense occultish music all around
i am filled with song every time i….
an olde master
ha ha
its true
whooda thunk it
from snotty enfant miserable to ye olde master
good luck
bad luck
stupid choices
read my book and weep gold coins
if youre rich shower me in money
if youre poor give me your blessings
if youre lonely
let my songs keep you company then
step into them
live them
love them as your own
there will be more to come
as i sit here
david neil weird frail ghostly wild shambolic pop
gb3 ; sleek ultraglide with a one micron edge
kk2 : this is turning out to be very good
(of course tho i would say that wouldnt i?)
down to the cardboard : ????????????????
new church album : someone tell me, i’m ready
and look for me on new one off internashional collaborations
and see me treading the boards in march with some showbiz stuff
what can i say
thanks for reading my thing
thanks for subscribing if you did
many hopes for a good year for all
some peace on earth
and more wine and gold…..

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