posted on January 30, 2006 at 11:42 pm

forgive me my blogg
as i forgive those who write against us
i mean
what are the chances
that i could coff up something brilliant here
every day?!
i mean
i bet even milkshakespeare
wasnt on the money everyday
i realise yesterdays blogg was merely treading water
what can you do with that?
so what can i give ya today?
its a medium day here
good weather for mediums
and re taling spirits
theyre all around
if we but had the apparatii
to apprehend them
i remember days like these
when i stayed with aunty may d.
aunty may was the most lovely lady
who looked after me when i was four
she had the bluest blackest hair i had ever seen
she had a bee hive hair do
and wild sunglasses
she had a lie down every afternoon
she loved the musicals like oklahoma
she taught me the words to some of the songs
she explained the story of carousel to me
i was besotted
well you see there was this man
and his wife was having a baby
but when he thought it might be a girl
he was nervous coz he was quite poor
and he went out and robbed a bank…
why if he was having a girl did he rob the bank?
well i suppose he felt he would need more money
for clothes and things as she grew up….
he fell over on his own dagger accidently
and he died…
but years later
his daughter goes into a place
and the father is there as a ghost
and he talks to her, gives her advice..

i thought that was an amazing thing
when i was 4
so amazed by this concept
it seems to set me off on a course
where i expected,
demanded something extra ordinary
from music film whatever
if it didnae have that somehow otherworldly thing
then you could count me out
i liked religion at school
it was always me and some perplexed minister
debating some arcane biblical quibble
while the rest of the class mucked up
i mean
say what you like about the bible
theres plenty of otherworldly stuff in there
come on its a great read
have you read it?
in small chunks its not badde stuff
(even when you know the ending)
then as a kid
i always had the knack of finding books
in libraries that blue my mynde
lots of weird politically incorrect
DARK stuff
its all comin; out in my songs all the time
thanks aunty may d.
you looked after me just fine
you set me on my lifes predilection
one rainy afternoon in 1959
in mt st thomas nsw
i realised what i had to do
i had to try to describe
what could possibly be out there
in here
they dont make em like that lady anymore
i sure wish eve and aurora could spend an afternoon with her
ok my frends
thats a all

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