posted on January 18, 2007 at 8:37 pm

new dawn
the world awakes
another blank page
today will be….
snatched away like all the rest
why rail against time?
you liked time when it was on yourside
you liked time when it ran away with your “best” years
you liked time when it stretched out for you after opium
and now
now is now
then is gone
this time theme recurs always
time and time again
sweet fiendss in time
do you realise how many men n women have been seduced
by their times?
i finished my mothers book yesterday
times gone
times up
just like the flapping calendar pages in old films
tyrone power had a heart attack on the set
gable n flynn n steve mcqueen
they musta thought they owned the world
but time was beavering away
and their mansions were ripped from them
and the beautiful fast women and the fast beautiful cars
their youth n their fame
oh fleeting things!
the temptation is to think that…..
we all have our own temptations
for some its booze
for some its flesh
for some its danger
for some its anger
for some its the sea
for others its…
for some its smack
for others its tea
but whichever
all are subject to time
time waits for no one and he wont wait for me
sang jagger when he was 31 but did he believe it?
you dont see old people with skulls n crossbones on their tshirts
is death a person like the white faced hooded man in the 7th seal?
cutting us down with his scythe of pestilence n war
a white lady who appears at the end
jesus waiting at the end of a tunnel of light
your ancestors patiently waiting
the lions and the lambs
the pools n flowers of krsnas jungle
bringing the cattle home on an eternal summer evening
the sound of the flute
the lord of the universe is a slender youth
the colour of a cloud
everythings ok
back there in that dream i was having…..
i cant even remember now
i was struggling n arguing
where almost everything hurt
and things were so sad
but this
this is indescribable

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