posted on February 4, 2007 at 12:47 am

yessaday have nice day at bimbadgen winery
i manage to reconcile being a husband father n son n player
you see my lovely mother came to the winery to see me play too
it was a very hot day
we hadda nice drive up from syddley north n then west
we play the deluxe edish of born sandy devotional
we stop at forest of tranquility rest area
scarlet needs to be unleashed from her car seat for a while
shes been calling out like a baby whale in distress for a few miles
and i feel her restlessness filling the car
poor olde auroras asthmas been getting her down a bit lately
shes been coughing a bit and i wish there was something i could do
shes the most low-keyed of all my kids
i take her for a wee-wee and she keeps up a steady patter of quiet chatter
the bloody kids have no idea how much i love em
and actually they have no where to put all that hope n anxiety
so i just walk along with my hand on her shoulder
we drive thru the beautiful vineyards of the hunter valley
i feel a bit nervous
and i realise i gotta go from fambley man to joe rockstar in about an hour
when we get to the nice cool tent
my mum n her husband are there
mums looking a bit overheated
but im glad they got in alright anyway
n found their way backstage
theres 5 thousand people out there
security men
porta loos
cars parked everywhere
brynny powles is there too
and the doodles n bryn proceed to go crazy until we leave
this means running round flat out
screaming at top of lungs
n not listening to anybody
rikki tikki tavi from the brain-jonesing machete rock combo is there too
and we chat to ash from paul jellys band
who it turns out is a huge fan of the bjm
rikki is suitably embarrassed
we offer ash a smoke but he refrains
i gotta remember my licks he says
rikki n i both laugh
we only remember our licks when we smoke the ‘erb
if youre around after ive played… ash offers hopefully
i wasnt
but maybe rikki got ash to smoke (ha ha)
kelso wandered around with a very “model-y” looking galpal
and i talked to him briefly after i played
and i was glad that i set the record strate the other day
and ya know
im honest with you
and im honest with him
if i make a mistake i’ll own up
i tell kelso im envious of him
but he just smiles
he IS a very very nice bloke
and in a bizness full of idiots n pricks
you can bet its a rarity
the chirch play a bit of a struggley show
but we convert em in the end
block rocks their winery hearts
and we perspire but not expire
in the generous heat
i pose n ponce about
knowing my wife daughters and mother are watching
im up on the big big screen too
sweating n swaying around
afterwards they all like it
even bryn joins in
re-singing under the milky way for me
just in case i wanted to hear it again
we ate some food
hung out a bit
davey scotland n joe lee from baby grande were there
plus my brother john n zoe
the other guys work much harder than me
signing cds n stuff
but i hate fucking doing all that
so i just hang about talking to my mother
who asks where all the drinks come from
shes amazed we dont have to pay
“do you mean they just give you all these drinks?”
she says pointing to our black tubs full of ice n lemonade
n beer n apricot nectar n red bulls n red wine etc etc
doesnt she know that ya get free drinks everynight
which is a blessing im not overfond of booze
finally the doodles n bryn are running round the compound
going im a little train choo choo choo
i decide to join them
its wonderfully “empowering”
(i hate that word)
i get in touch with my inner child
(not that hard to do for me)
and i make a right goose of myself
(as usual)
but then how many 52 year olds
can run round yelling im a little train?
we leave earlyish
im sure i missed out on a party
n a tearfull goodbye with chrissie
but what the heck…?
nice drive in darkness
the falcon devours the miles
a smooth beast
at last
i get a bargain!
when we get in its nearly midnite
but the bumper whose slept most of the way
is laying down the law
and her earsplitting scream is her power of veto
bumper had a good day at bimbadgen
getting lotsa women (n men) all clucky
and she fitted in pretty well
but now at home
shes grumpy n raining on my parade
my oh my shes a hard lady to handle
anyway today is sunday
have been for swim at beachy already
very hot n steamy
now im off work for a few weeks at least
ah relaxation…
uh oh her comes the bumper
better look busy

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