posted on February 22, 2012 at 8:20 pm

glittering out there

now is elusive

then is gone

sometimes the sand contains footprints

although no one has walked upon it

my moon in its absence a vivid crescent scar

the suburbs around the asylum are strangely jungle like

we never seem to arrive anywhere much

although we travel so intently

i have lived in every house on this street

as each new life dawns i move one door closer to morning

yes i move out of night where things are uncertain

i leave a beast in me behind in darkness

i leave breadcrumbs to find my way back

poets lost in naive forests

the pastel trees the gouache fruits turned hard

the acrylic sun with its metallic gold rays

i pick up my gigantic heavy axe

from overhead music is transmitted down down

signal is apprehended

its imagistic messages are stored in my cortex

the middleman has gone

the portal is open

i begin the ascent of my everest


i’m sitting here in the luxuriant dark

smelling like a mediterranean fig

telling you the same old jig


some hope that you can dig


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