posted on December 29, 2008 at 8:09 pm

we see him now
he’s a medium man in everyway
only his eyes
only his eyes have this look
they are the colour of the sea
we see the nymph calypso
tall pale dark haired
tattooed on her skin spells and enchantments
they sit together on a little beach
she lightly strokes his back
her fingers move like electricity underskin
odysseus stifles a shudder of pleasure
for the nymph makes men forget themselves
here on her island
here in this glittering grey sea
here on this strange and random world
the sun sets but the evening is warm
the man eats cheese and bread
he drinks a deep draught of calypsos wine
her fingers and her dark wine continue to bewitch him
odysseus on the enchanted isle
calypso with her crystal rivulets and her golden loom
her seabirds and falcons
her lovely maids each a different elemental
calypso sings in her unfathomable voice
as she sings we see her songs manifest as foggy images
we smell faint aromas
we taste but distantly ambrosia
the nymph sings
of arcadia of pan of the grape
of wondrous heaven
of zeus’ love for mortal women
of the burning cold stars
of sleep
of dream
of mortal mans death
see her dressed in red
her black hair bound back
her amulets of sea silver
her anklets of jade
her ring is a golden skull with sapphire eyes
ardent and immortal witch
odysseus stares out to sea
a medium man in every way

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