posted on October 29, 2007 at 2:11 am

played the excelsior sat night
just a few persons under sold out…
let me tell you people that made me feel good
after a slightly shake take off
trouble with my capo actually
i did pretty good
only a cuppla mistakes
lotta words to remember and i did
i fizzled out in my attempt at a medley a la melby n d bridie
i didnt have d bridie playing the keys for a start
it left a big hole
i sang quite well
i played ok and the guild 12 sounded wunderbar
in jorden brebachs talented hands
the crowd were lovely
not a bad venue
look it wasnt transcendental like say…
(aucklands the only recent one that comes to mind)
but it was more accomplished than my usual shambles
i am not a natural singer songwriter type
you all know that i think
but im improving
and if 53 years can improve
well theres hope for everyone
(you would presume)
my trouble is
i want to be good at everything
this is how i rate myself
lyricist : 9 out of 10
im one of the best
im one of the best there ever was
im one of the most consistent
there is very very little dross in my catalogue

bass player : im a 7, i’ll always be a 7
i do slowly push the envelope
but i’ll never be as good with bass
as i am with words

singer : im a 7 here too
although when i started off i was about a 2
but in the last few years
along with everything else
my singing has started to improve
this is of course due to swimming
yoga, qi gong, meditation
and getting off ye olde gear
however unlike the bass
i feel that i maybe able to
improve a little more still

guitarist : 5 and thats being generous
however in a studio situation
i can appear brilliant
but thats studio wizardry for you

painter : 5 ish i guess
i could be more if i work real hard at it
a long way behind my musical abilities
but i’m ambitious and i want to get there

poet : a 7 and a half
who do you judge me against?
arthur rimbaud or some olde turkey who just got a grant?
once again
i can and will improve

blogger :the best blogges are 9s
the worst hover round 6
of course its hard to tell
compared to who?

entertainer : a 6
but i will try harder

composer : im a 7 and a half to maybe 8
probably hit my natural peak here
just not gifted enough to write something totally brilliant
i am however consistent
rarely resorting to cliched devices
i do try
and i will keep on trying

human being : a 5
half the people you meet
will be nicer than me

swimmer : 3
i swim a lot
but im slow and im awkward

yoga : 5
clawing towards a 6
but yoga isnt about how good you are
its about your level of dedication faith and perseverance

businessman a 1

father : 7
i get angry and yell and stamp about
but i listen and im there
and i love them and they know it

went home
had some lovely legal herbal products
(more on this soon)
my wife was impressed with the gig
and was keen to express her admiration
got to sleep at 4
got up at 7
(having lost an hour to daylife savings)
flew to melby
a hot dry dusty field outside a community centre
same as last year
a gig from hell
actually hells probably got a better p.a
i did my free form vegan rant
having already been primed inside the hall
by all the horrific images (as you could well imagine)
of animals being degraded tortured abused cut up
shot butchered neutered castrated mutilated etc
so i preached to the converted
got in trouble afterwards for swearing around children
(a frequent complaint chez kilbey)
i played without much relish
hung about
caught a delayed flight back to sydney
encountering a thunderstorm and nervous lady passenger
whos anxiety was thoroughly contagious
i gripped on to my chair (a lotta good that would do)
my arm pits and feet bathed in a cold clinging sweat
as the plane shivered n shook n shuddered
diving and dropping
bouncing and rising up again
swearing never again never again….
but the gig wasnt about me
it was about the animals
same as this sundays gig in sydney at petersham
for enthusiastic ttb fans
i’ll be down at tamarama beach on sunday morning 9 30
doing 2 songs with an ad hoc band
then saturday night
a private party where i have been engaged to play
memory motel by the stones
(and i’ll probably do more than that if they like it…)
thursday im doing an hour n a half on songwriting
at newcastle townhall as part of music expo
i’ll be on around 1 pm
and maybe playing at annandale next week too
as a guest (more on that as it comes to hand)
working tonight with jlk at kh headquarters
results will be heard soon
church doing divinyls tour perth ad. melb syd gold coast
i dunno
that should be sufficient
how the recording process of heyday
helped bring down the berlin wall
and meditation tips that will have you looking
good in your bikini this summer
plus all the inside gossip, laughs, screams
and assorted bullshit
go ahead
make a comment
i dare you!

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