posted on February 2, 2008 at 12:15 am

heres all my secrets
all my a’comings n a’goings
all my reasons alibis n excuses
where do we start
the pears are cooking
the baby on my lap
theres a sunshower
the gloom returns
a low grey sky
the barometer shudders
the baby is hot and damp
she sits and her chubby little fingers stroke my arm
my arm is fried golden by the sun
the small hairs on my arm are golden too
bleached by sun and sea
the baby seems hypnotized as she watches me type
we listen to joanna newsomes ys
or is the baby going to sleep
she murmurs slightly and climbs off my lap
minna is snoozing in the doodles room
eve is shopping with nk
aurora is off with suzanna b over at karins
i sit here in my messy room
weighed down by books n cds n paints n leads
n postcards and discarded wrappers n empty grape juice bottles
empty tins of berry v guarana drinks
i suck on a cola nut chunk
it is slightly numbing
it provides calm energy
it taste nothing like coca cola
or any other cola drink
just like berry v dont taste like berry
and artificial cherry and grape flavours disgust me
i listen to joanna newsomes winding rolling music
part showtune part medieval
a bit like me
what happened to me?
expansion or collapse
i get up to check on the pears
theyve gone nice n brown as the dates have dissolved
suzanne comes back
and the baby screams go away go away at her
nk and evie come home from shopping
minna still snoozing on the bed
surrounded by women at every turn
joanna still singing in here
strange stuff strange stuff indeed
strange days now
the weather is extraordinary
i move away from science and towards magic
i move away from this world n towards some other
i am happy to be me
i am happy to be 53
i am happy in my messy room
i am happy with the church record so far
i am happy to be happy
i have love
i have romance with my darling one
i have comrades and associates
i have friends in high places
i have friends in low places
i have everything i could need
thank you lord ganesha
thank you kindly jesus
thanks also lord vishnu
and his incarnations krishna n buddha
thank you allah n jehovah
apollo lord of music and healing
aphrodite the cytherean
lady of love
hosanna hosanna
iao iao ao ao
do what thou will shall be the whole of the law
adams apple
eves dropping
eden n merimbula
the west pole
identikle twins
elektra june arrives there is love
in the background constantly
all my girls
under one roof
i can do good daughters if nothing elsie

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