posted on December 7, 2011 at 6:53 pm


june 1

the island at first appears uninhabited

lazy game roam the fields

strangely the insects leave me alone

i wonder where the others are

i wonder why we have been sent here

today i had a dream that today was just a dream

as the moon slowly turns over in the sky

the cry of some sun set into a sky

studded starred in inkiness violet swirl’d

i remember how small we all are

how very very small

i notice sublime submarine frescoes in tiny rockpools

in soft warm rain i pass through like my ghost

i notice reeds on river banks bobbing in the wind

there is no wind

i hear natures undercurrent of photosynthesis

the ferns absorb sweet light with a slight sigh of pleasure

the trees and vines hasten towards the divine as tho on a line

the drip drop drip of moisture in a cave

the crackle of last years fires

the girl beckoned to me or i seemed to think

a brown skin angel in azure tidal streams

she speared among the razor reefs with delicate tread

she moved along the beach then gone into the whirling air

the trees i have never seen before the bark is golden hued

the leaves flap and bend in the wind

yet there is no wind

i wander beyond the wrecks i have seen

the water is shallow but the sand sucks men under

i shiver sometimes i long for hot water

once i lay in a bath marbled and deep water warm

filled with scented soap shaped flowers and oriental oils

i ate toast and drank coffee in a cosy little cafe

the lawns were all minted the houses were flowers

the people seem like giants so ago they are to me now

i have no thirst but loneliness which blooms here wild

my hands are number than one ever could be 2 again

my fingers holding up something against the sky

then let it all begin




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