posted on December 10, 2010 at 4:49 pm

knock knock whos there ? anxiety!

life rolls on dont it


bring on whatever the next thing is

something to keep us hanging on

in there

me? im a song n dance man

travelling the eastern seaboard of this fairland

hello hello

on the side of the road where all the weedies grow

my bloody car wont start

fuck its so hot n humid

sometimes my fingers make mistakes

sometimes i forgot the words

my companions bang on

i sit in a cafe watching the sea n the yellow sand

i sit in a motel chewing my fingy-nails

i sit talking to my mum in a tiny dining room

i prance about being stupid

youre not very graceful son says my old mummy

the night is violently warm

i sweat im drenched im soaked im dripping

i sing out in my hoarse voices hey hey hey

i talk about some bullshit n baloney

i pose i ponce i parade i pluck my string

i sleep i get up

i wash my fine thin hair n it flies away

i shave off my past n start again

mirrors all round the bed in the dark

the air cond switches off

the trucks roar on newcastle road

i remember tree tops motel

the lawn mower starts up shattering the tranquility

some starts hammering

someone revs up their hot rod

someone cranks up their i box

i check in i check out

i do yoga i fail to do yoga

im rude and im nice and im never never at home

i dont listen i cant hear

i cant look i dont see

i remember everything except whatever you just said

i eat my chips more starch

i must be doing something right

the people at the tables eat their din-dins

good for them

the band plays the drums crash n rattle

the piano oh how nice it sounds

dressed in my silky shirt suddenly so restless

i fly outta windows i run under doors

someone says hello

hello steve


good show


40 years ago my dads car breaks down

i hear my sweet lord n ride a white swan

i swim in bluest motel pool

oh that chlorine that holiday smell

russells hair was snowy white

i saw my girlfriend my first ever girlfriend in everything

love had undone me rawly

everything was poignant in my 16 year old head

never to be that way again

that girl let me go into the sea

she threw me back

she didnt want to keep me

i was 16 you see it was 40 years ago

it was hot that year too i remember

dive into  motel pool

the blue holiday sky

the red holiday sunburn

the years all happen at once

layer on layer

superimposition on superimposition

all possible mes

strumming slumming coming going

beautiful women appearing vanishing

plates of drugs disappearing up the futures fucking nose

mmmm pleasure work struggle haggle collapse

the air is heavy like a sheet of lead

i tired of all games

i blames meself you know

at the core of the most of it

me me me

there i go

look now im gone

soon soon soon

playing soon near you

buy your tickets now

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