posted on January 9, 2007 at 8:19 pm

im sitting here
having the cry
i been needing to have
in 45 minutes
i gotta take the twills to aero-puerte
and i dont wanna say goodbye
after a million goodbyes
and i suddenly regret
all the little times during this visit
that i felt miffed or inconvienced by em
last night we have a lovely dinner
uncle john
matty c (now wonderfully given all-clear by his doc)
glenny glen-glen who cut my hair real short for play
and us lot
we played dictionary game
and minna won!
it was a lovely evening
and i wassa so proude of all my various daughters
its so strange…
the 2 lotsa twins came to see a rehearsal
im looking straight at em when
jerry asks me about my children
all girls i say
jerry: but you wanted a son
peter: well naturally everyman wants a son but…
(i do believe the little twins thought i meant it)
anyway i gotta get the twillies up n at em
ah elli
elli stop yawning
clear blue morning
but im in mourning again
there is talk that twills are gonna live in aust for one year
this year 07
please god
make that happen for me
bless all you fiends
a special special thanks to my subscribers

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