posted on July 26, 2011 at 12:03 am

an actor out on loan

my oh my the time overtaken me

i walk down this corridor but no one to awaken me

i walk down this hallway

the daylight hath forsaken me

my nineteen daughters look like their mothers

standing at a ceremony in a quiet suburban afternoon

i have taken leave of my sense of absence

when are you here but not here….?

now i see them more and more  though only fleetingly

i hear their voices in the murmur of my head

i temper folly with more folly

and still more to come

i am alive in the most twilit glade

i am living

in the twisted wirelike tendrils that probe your innermost gardens

and in the hastily assembled data that proves some nebulous thing

i sang about this on narcosis plus and lo not one paid heed

i sang about this on remindlessness and behold not an ear was prick

so i am here alone….. surely the quarantine is over

my fingers writhe to finish it

my limbs ache so do my wings

we are playing for laughs now my friends

yeah and the feeling that music could always manifest somehow

the sky is a lonely place

lonelier than minus seven

who could dwell there long….?

think of me instead as if you had seen me in your mirror

think of me as if you had never thought of me before

think of me when you see a mist rising after the rain

and if  you see your dearest love

beyond a wall of fire

i can change all of this but i wont

we abide by the physical rules until no longer applicable

when we escape velocity itself so fast we are at a standstill

when white suddenly is black

and on suddenly off

the hidden great underlying cause is revealed

in no uncertain nor certain terms

but even as i type it out seduced by futility

why anyone can see that english language aint what it used to be

i slip off quietly and no one has noticed

i found the door open

i simply stepped outside






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