posted on January 13, 2008 at 10:00 am

thank you sun-herald
a good review in the home town
today n yessaday rehearse with triffs
well you aint heard my voice like this before
i aint heard my voice like this before
the triffids #1 fan in sydney gives stamp of approval
band seem quite happy
im gonna sing 5 songs now
including epic doors-like field of glass
band are very nice calm types
everyone very friendly
mick h from bad seeds
chris a from the necks
ricki from all those things he does
mark dawson from b.e. susans n ed koopa
killer from the whatsanames
its a big gig
im singing my heart n larynx out
stormy in sydney tonight
the triffids are great to sing with
god its exciting to sing these songs
fucking classics everyone
its worth ruining my throat for
how did he sing like that every night?
2 days off now
must learn words
must learn words
must learn words

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