posted on October 30, 2006 at 12:33 am

*this anachronym remains ambiguous
even to me who am the only one and only one
it oscillates between
frequently unasked questions
foolish useless queries
and a mysterious phrase in hebrew
which could give unlimited power to he
that uttereth it……..

FUQ : i have recently bought a number of time being products.
what do you recommend for maximum enjoyment of my tb range?
ANSA : the time being personally guarantees all tb products
when you have finished with tb simply rinse off
roll up and ready to re-use
those with tb nevets yeblick compatible interface should consult
the tb factory at 1 8000-ANATHEMA
before adjusting the implication mechanisms
model can malfunktion
always turn off after use
dont let overheat
no ironing makeup microwave gossip

FUQ : can you explain the relativity between sk, nevets and
tb characters? my girlfriend and I are quite curious to see
how it all works….
ANTSA : its all quite simple really
see them as a trinity
nevets yeblik is the son
he is the mercurial, the maverick
the most human
the one who makes mistakes
the trickster,
the sacrifice in the wilderness of entertainment
the union and uniter
and then theres sk
hes the father
the creator
the ancient of days
an old man with a white beard
the serious side
the aloof detached locus
the prime fucking mover
the big daddy
and finally the time being himself or itself
the wholly spirit
the essence of all time beings
the essential emanations from but not including sk
om tat sat a mat
the time being is neither nor either or
if you can dig that subtlety…
the time being will exist forever in different forms
the time being is the continuum of time beings
including sk and nevets but not necessarily
the 3 are aspects of the one
steve kilbey
any apparent discontinuity
is perhaps merely the flux
as the various aspects recombine
each always present in some quantity
always a mixture of the 3
is it starting to make sense?
FUQ : i’m trying to contact nevets yeblik…
can you give me his contact details?
ANS: nevets yeblik is an imaginary character on a blogge.
are you crazy?
FUQ : I eat meat and i vote for the right.
I enjoy drinking beer and watching the football
with my friends Brad, Mike n Jeff.
I have a gas guzzler 4wheeldrive
a hairy chest with a leo pendant
and a key to the vip bathroom.
I pull down 400k a year
as a IT consultant in a fluorescent lit office
in the big end of town.
ive never heard of hawkwind.
despite all this i dont feel like
a “straight”……can you ask the trinity their opinions
please…..i wont be able to rest till
i hear what they have to say….
nevets says: you “straight” bastard, you running dog capitalist
bastard , you yes-man, you cog in the machine, you…you…
oh shuttup
sk says : could you get me a job in that office,
i used to be good with computers….
time being says : i am you as he is me and we are us and
they are untogether….om sat a day man, i mean, ..
actually i dont think vishnu does like you….

FUQ : i wish my husband was more like the time being….
can you give me some simple hints as to encourage him
to be more like the lovely tb?
ANSA : madame, 1st of all ask yourself this
do i have time for my own time being?
could i satisfy his peculiar dietary needs?
could i regularly execise him and play with him?
if he gets hurt will i just chuck him aside like an olde rag?
if he needs me, will i be there 24 hours a day
with my cheque book open if he needs alone
will i agree with his every utterance and worship
unquestioningly even if i hear or see ludicrous things, which
quite frankly, might make me doubt his omnipotence?
if the answer to all this was yes we can pro-seed
with the hince.
1st of all
he’ll want nut cutlets n soy bon bons ever nite
just after he finishes contemplating his navel
and a quick bit of pie-laertes
then quick light that sandalwould josh stick
and put on some eno
maybe music for sea ports
then i guess a jaeger/goji/redbull cocktail
(shaken AND stirred!)
a bit of tantra or tarantula
or tanto in stockholm
time beings enjoy being time beings
panda to your hero
shower him in rose petals
run his bath of asses milk
(donkeys or mules will do in a pinch)
nurse those vipers to his bosom
have his chariot decorated
unleash the kraken
and no eggplant cucumber or capsicum!
your prototimebeing is now ready for testing
have fun!!!
FUQ : i dont believe you can be bothered trying to squeeze
any more laughs outta this lame turkey.
ANSA : thats not a question
FUQ : ok, …..i dont believe you can be bothered trying to squeeze
any more laughs out of this lame turkey…do you?
ANSA : no

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