posted on February 6, 2007 at 8:18 pm

now ive gone n done it
just like always
just like when i was a kid
just like olde whatsisname said it would be
my oh my
i gotta recognize this principle
the more you try to be
the more opposite you are
thats one of the conditions i guess
the conditions that we operate under
the human conditions i think theyre called
but even a fool can see
i mean even me
that almost everything we have strived for
has had an almost opposite result
like you become what you hate
and how little richie rich kept throwing away his money
and then stumbling into even more and more and more
and how AA n NA gotta give it away before they can keep it
and the calm before the storm
and trying to push a marshmallow into a piggy bank
and how people fight for peace
and they love to hate
i suppose you get the picture
and how the real secret of life is this:
go lightly n carry a big stick
im 52
i want my wisdom n i want it now
i wanna be wiser than the wisest guy
so wise….
well if you cant be young
ya maya swell be wise
is wise sexy?
is wise the new rich?
is wise sending the right message?
gee this wise thing….
cmon, cant i be wise for a while?
cant i ponder n consider n pontificate?
cant i come up with some nifty little aphorisms?
ya see being just a bit smart is getting real tiresome
ive been a smartarse for so long
look i’ll give away nearly all my smart for some wise
i just need a little bit of smart…
to protect me from the other smartarses
they mightnt dig my wisdom…
hang on
i wanna be so wise that even a smartarse will see it
i wanna be so wise that annoying insects n children will cease their bother
so wise that gossiping ratbags become calm in my presence
preferring to read the sutras of buddha
or hesses journey to the east
wisdom…huh…whatta commodity
fuckin scarce on the ground these days sunshine
i tried most everything else now
be there wisdom!
go go
i’ll tell ya this much
i dont think its complicated
i think its real easy
like the first time ya realise ya can swim
something ya always knew
its just gonna dawn on ya
its just gonna kinda illuminate ya
but still
you cant really trust me yet
not until i get my wisdom
im just a baffled punter like you
who got lucky n stumbled on some good tunes
i made up some words you liked
and you saw my picture
n you thought
how quaint
and you read my name
and you thought
hes alright, he is
and you heard my voice singing
and you thought
i could do that
and then one day
the easiness of it all appealed to ya
and you pulled out that credit card
or you reached into yer pocket
and you thought
im gonna buy that one day
and the day came
you remember that day dont you?
the fluffy clouds skimming the azure heavens
or was it the the dark eastern winter day
at that little record shop by the train station?
well you took me home and you put me on your stereo
and chances are that you liked it
cos youre reading my bloody bloggie
all these (many) years later
and now
youre thinking
wheres my wisdom?
and youre all patiently waiting for me to say something wise
but instead im telling you about films saying this world is doomed
someone says let those fucking babies melt
and even i know thats not wise
unless you planning on growing some gills
and george
how many amoebae can you fit in a taxi?
and what if a moeba jumps in n says
take me to the germin’ embassy?
and still that ice be thawing
still them prisoners be bound to the ground trial-less
still them evil villains are keeping the solutions to emselves
until its too late
would ya rather be a rich man in an inferno
or a poor man in a paradise?
or a reasonably well off dude in ohio with a smartarse wife?
or someone recovering from something nasty?
or a faded rockstar playing in a vineyard?
or a new born baby inheriting this chemical slagheap?
or are ya just here to read mattdavisons comments?
or did ya come here by mistake n think “fair enough”
or do you still hope for some erotica?
or more about the recording of heyday?
or are you one of the ones hanging back
thinking” what am i reading this bullshit for?”
are you my brothers or my daughters checking for mentions of yerselves?
are you my mothers saying sonny dont swear please
are you my father saying i’ll be waiting here for you slim the day you die?
are you my sisters saying steven where are your sons?
are you my sons saying dad where are your sisters?
are you the cia collecting a file on anyone who says the word “bomb”?
are you pleased with yourself that i have failed to categorise you thus far?
all this but still no wisdom
all this but where is that hit of pure wisdom
like a shot of the good stuff
like picking you up n setting you straight
so i can wade in and put things right
cos its not enough being able to play bass guitar quite well
now i wanna be a sage!
please please please
sagehood for sk
a seer…? sure!
excuse me but this seems a stupid world
the worst idiots (mostly) are in charge
they are ruthless compassionless greedy swine
laughing at their own brazen success
and the limpness of the masses
they certainly do not have wisdom
they most certainly dont even have common sense, most of em
never mind
lets keep on rockin’ in the free world
hey you heard the new bjm demos yet?

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