posted on April 30, 2011 at 9:03 pm

spirit photograph

in the afternoon of the tea garden

the royal blue skies above the towns and villages

the water bearer describes an unbearable arc in the eastern sky

between whispering pine and silent ash

a forest full of  loveliest creatures

fawn faun for nevermore

a pale woman in a carriage

a little crimson man on her lap

oh her hounds are laying low

an hour elapses

hazy distant sun is disappearing

morning suddenly so old

afternoon already mocking its promises

the water in the river is cold

no one could survive in there  that long

manikin in doldrums

the voices of the drowned entangled in the reeds

royal swan arrives

and spring unfolded like a pageant

thieves in their dens full of honour

the mercenaries who linger to strip the dead

vanishing pointlessly like the violet evening

daughters of avalon

the nephilim come masked as mere men

the future drifts in like fog on a still lake

take what you want no one is watching

black cat that sat on the path

my ladys mirror buckles under her beauty

her eyes an elusive blue

her memory of me long ago worn away

a starlike grace impossible to fight

someone should consult the native guide

the road has just ended in this field of flowers

my judgement may be wrong thats all

perhaps its all still left to come

a merchant of darkness

purveyor of doom

the poor widow waiting patiently outside in the rain

the graveyards yawned and in the earth their residents churned

my hands stained in paintings of martyrs

st steven pierced by nasty arrows

bleeding wine and crying elysian tears

neither cross nor hook nor strangling knot

moment of clarity comes and goes

hidden justice in the wild

a child by the wayside fading

no spell of yours will bind his soul to this plane

unfortunate mother of orphan

even farther than before

snorting beasts decked out in wars finery

we have been crushed by our own weight

the angel epsilon opposing the dragon set

but neither can win

good evil

evil good

no immaculate conception

could have conceived of someone like you

one day it may be easier

one day the fish will be catching us

i hurt inside someone elses pain

lay down your weariness lay down your cares

there is no way to get back home

something changed when you werent alone

the long night of sideshow magic throws strange shadows

a world returned to dark ages

the men in the taverns drunken and stupidly arguing

the laws turn away from the poor and infirm

the women in the asylum have escaped with the answer

the crooked beak of your italian spur

the fractured glass of the boys skull

maybe we underestimated the enemy

perhaps we trusted fickle friends

the evidence of my god behind this plague is compelling

i wonder why i see you when i die

and i wish for nothing

i can trust





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