posted on September 23, 2007 at 4:28 am

picked up a pack of fairy bombs
only 18 dollars
green fairy bombs
fairy cross the mercy
fairy meadow where i was formerly from
my shuffle chucks up some krautrock
how trippy
i search my mind for memory
i delete yesterdays events
clear history
i float above the histrionic tripe hurled at me
after all that
do i have to suffer this nonsense ?
please one comment per person
please keep it relevant
cos i do wanna read what you think of it
please consider what i write today
if youd like to be considerate
please desist with the bullshit
its depressing me
it tires me out
it enervates me
why ?
i try…
oh i am
i am
i am the saint who is no saint
yes thats who i am
but i get tired of bad energy assaulting me
i do my thing quietly
i love children n animals
i dont eat the beasts
and i make music
no skeletons in my closet for quite a while now
how tedious when someone tries to drag out an old one
or tries to dream up some silly fluster
besmirching my fucking not so good name
here on my very own pages
for some hysterical melodramatic bunkum
please im olde and im tired now desist
im trying to write some poetry here for you
im trying to weld unweildy forms together
im trying to find some beauty in this afternoon
dont hassle a poet!
see i had something better than this
for the people who were interested
what a shame!

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