posted on February 22, 2010 at 4:48 am

postcard from heatwave
palms clouds turbulence
red roofs green trees white flowers
dogbark birdsing catcreep
i am hurting hurting hurting
dont read on if you dont want to hold my breath
oh i feel 1000 years old
the dying summer has flared up into a burning ball
ive fled sleep
i left it aching on the bed
i pull on my mansuit
and its all torn n damaged
my lip wont heal up
my heel giving me lip
my bones feel like they been x-rayed by fire
i’d eat lethargy on toast but i ran outta bread
dont read on if you dont want to read on
dont complain of my pain
dont threaten me now i’m in beyond
doctor my I’s
sea accept me
sky why wont you cry
i accomplish nothing
i wish for nothing
i long for nothingness
remove me from the constant this or that
i thought that life was a bowl of cherries…once….
flyscreen rips off in the wind
one more bill
one more call
one more message
one more waiting
one more life
one more universe
one more infinity of infinities
i been myself so many times
i want out
i want in
i want it all n i cant wait much longer
what do you want me to want
i’ll tell you what i want
i want energy all youve got
give it to me ha you cant
all your energy couldnt touch my sides
every word i think of is 1 million calories
think of me as angelic beast
my appetites are the purest dew
from the dirtiest puddle
but i’m a wingless beast (now)
i cant fly except in somebody elses stupid dreams
a bedraggled hide cages an eternal strength
when i say look out you better look out
but i wont say it today
so go away
yes go away and leave here in this silvery heat
i am ulysses 4 granted
i sailed away baby
i am on my voyage now
my voyage round the traps and dips
my journey to the east
the eastern suburbs i mean
whatever happened to whatsisname anyway
and all the other whatsisnames
oh i grow tired just reckoning them
as countless as the molluscs in a stale pool
as hopeless as all the fucking muggles with their beer n tv
as oafish as a cartoon buffoon or paltry paltroon
the hoi fucking polloi
the nouveau stupid
the modern zeitgeist heist
some call me faustus
some call me steve
some call me nothing
which do you believe?

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