posted on February 6, 2008 at 3:20 am

deep in forest
now i am i am so deep
damp and dank and weasels and woe
magician in exile
no tricks now i promise
oh crow who flies above
oh worm beneath the ground
red flugsvamp
black eyes of my bird
she flies up through the trees
she croaks out to me in her broken voice
she lets me know where she goes
by my art
by my learning
by my natural propensities
by my aged bones
by my white beard
crow flies out of forest
my grey eyes see as well
my grey eyes superimposed on her black eyes
oh i laugh hysterically as crow spirals up and up
oh my lovely spirit
oh the realms of sky
her strong wings beat and squeeze the air through them
i feel her find the thermals and suddenly we plummet upwards
we rise and we rise crow and i in the thinnest thinny thin air
oh and crows eyes can see and see and see
mountains in the distance
a tower a precipice
armies moving in distant snows
a tiny moth moves through the air
nearly half a mile below
and crow falls like a stone
snatching the juicy thing from the night
up crow up i think
and i hardly even know my old body and bones
fallen into swoon under the pines
as crow bears both our souls into the viscous sky
and then we both see it
a fire
someone cooking something up
someone doing something magical
crow swallows the last bits of moth with a gulp
down we glide to take a closer look
a witch a witch a witch
oh a pretty pickle
witchy little familiar
i feel crow react
the witches familiar is a hare
she sits stroking a large grey hare before her fire
impossible to see her face under her wide brimmed hat
she chants and cackles in the firelight
crow circles and caws
keep quiet crow i think
the hare startles in her lap
she looks up into the sky
she puts the hare down
she begins to take off her robe
she is old to be sure
but her white flesh is still firm
i become confused inside the birds head
the crow shudders in midflight
my thoughts are overpowering him
the witch looks up at us and laughs
ah she had done this deliberately
her nakedness undoes my concentration
the bird screams
and i fall back down into my body with a sickening jump
i awake in the darkness
my head pounding
all aroused and erect
the bird calls in the trees
bah! the witch has undone me with her simple trick
but there is tomorrow
and then another

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