posted on February 8, 2008 at 8:12 pm

finally the light
sickly grey dawn
hungry and sick
as usual as usual
bones grind sinews crack bad back
numb and sad
old and mad
struggle struggle
no sleep no rest
no inn no guest
sucking mud biting flea
bad blood evil me
crow flies back
out of the grey sky
wheeling wheeling
in elegant arcs
scavenger crow like a bird of prey
any news of witch?
anything likely to make me rich?
no no no caws crow
trouble coming this way that way
which way?
all ways
fires and floods and famines and spears
war and plagues for hundred years
what to do what to do
straggle struggle
juggle things
everything up in the air
bubbles come up in lake
what monster stirs?
oh this lake makes me ache and ache
where are the gardens and domes i truly deserve
the feasts at least
the harnessed beasts
devils released
damned crow bringer of bad news
where are my shoes?
holes in soles and souls unholy
damn damp
wheres witch?
which witch?
the tricky witch
the one with the hare
you have the hare crow
and i’ll have the witch
yes crow we can share
but how to get there
anywhere but here
i dont like here
i dont like now
i dont like this
not at all
must begin i suppose
on my toes
walky walky walky
i should be carried
or married to a queen
i never should have tarried in the tavern
or in the cavern
where i entered the earth
crow come here
sit close by head
on my shoulders
tell me bout the soldiers
with their spears and their jeers
march through marsh
the tramps a’tramping
drums and pipes
blast it all crow
must i be bothered to flee?
oh a horrible dawn you are
a bad start to a bad day
lost and alone
except for little crow
my black wand
my old bones
a spell
a spell
i need a spell
hmmm let me think…
oh well…….

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