posted on February 9, 2008 at 8:18 pm

run away run away run away
always running away
those ugly soldiers
stupid brutal creatures
lords and lieges battles and sieges
hack and crack and lord and sword
arrow spear bolt and jolt
dead kings
crowned prince
palace full of malice
they needed me then crow
before i met you darling bird
before i lost my gold
before i was old and out in the cold
that damned worm
killing killing burning returning
eating sleeping stinking flying
the prince was just a boy…
are you listening to me now, crow?
why you rude bird, you are ignoring me
oh the bloody rotteness of it all
ignored by a damned crow….
its bloody well come to this has it?
well in those days in those days
i had a lovely familiar
yes i thought that’d make you listen crow
you black devil bird
yes oh yes i had a love lovely familiar
oh you jealous old thing crow
ha ha dont peck me now
STOP ! that hurted me!
well i know you dont like to hear about owl
i told you crow dont you dare peck me again…..!
oh my poor owl….
roasted and eaten by that worm
she could spot a little mouse
high in the sky
so high we could hardly fly
oh her deep dark eyes, crow
oh she makes you seem almost blind, crow
now, crow, see what you did with your claws to my arm
oh the harm youve done to my arm…
how dare you treat me so you lowly thing
youre just an old black bag of bones
no decent wizards’d have you you know
no no no
ha ha ha crow
oh im so sorry my sweet my little birdy girl
i didnt mean to say those things
we’re all we’ve got, girl
we got to be nice to one another
a fine to-do a fine to-do
up a tree talking to a bird
am i really mad i wonder
maybe says the tree…dont break me branches
am i really quite done?
no no says my little one
oh no says crow
you’ll go and go and go…
you really think so crow?
crow goes: i dont know….
but little blackbird
you’d never work for another wizard would you?
she caws no no
but i can see shes thinking about that bastard warlock of grimsby
how dare you think of that imposter formerly of gloucester
before that cockfosters….
how dare you daydream of that rascal and rogue Toadfinger
that insipid and tepid druid
that spell-less smelly fraud and fellow
that yellow bellied forkbearded fuck-knuckled fool
spawn of a hag and an idiot ogre
not even a conjuror… not even a
how dare you caw that, crow?
how dare you caw that to me
up a tree
surrounded by the enemy?
oh how can you bear to break my old heart so, bird?
Toadfinger did not summon the storm
that quenched the worms fire…
that was me crow
or maybe just a seasonal shower
who knows it was mars or maybe novembre…
oh crow how can you believe these things?
shhh crow shhhh!
i dont want them soldiers finding us up this tree
what a pickle! what a set-to! what a bloody turn-up for the books!
crow cant you fly thereover…?
i can spy a little nest yonder in that leafy tree
do you think that there could be any little eggies for our breakfast..?
not now crow…wait till the soldiers go
no you really dont know anything do you crow
yes i mean except fly
and yes you can see far better than me
yes you do find things before theyre lost, mrs crow
look all right
you are a most useful creature
but please dont talk about Toadfinger in my company
save it for your friends the vulture and fox
how can you talk about the man who stole my life and
took my road and not expect me to explode?
damned toadfaced fool
damned frog features
damned obvious magic
damned idiots who think it was him did worm in
damned worm damned dragon
damned girlish prince the little prick
damned villainous villagers
oh they will all stew you stupid lot
oh crow dont worry bout the soldiers now
fly to that cosy nest and pluck me a little blue egg i can suck
magic doesnt happen on an empty stomach you know
how dare you offer me grubs from the disgusting soil?
i am a man
i cannot eat grubs or lizards or the hornets gizzards
fetch me an egg
must i beggy beg beg?
the nest is bare?
how many grubs
then are there?
why then crow
you must share!
only 3?
ha one for you
two for me

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