posted on February 8, 2008 at 12:00 am

demons dust and dark ages
gnawing boring squirming worming
charming alarming harming harming harming
oh im so tired and damp and tired of being damp
and i should be dressed in silks and satins and elegant shoes
reclined in a gentle warm light
an obedient servant perhaps
a childe to do my bidding
a nice jug of rich red wine
but the fields are my home
i shiver under hollow logs
i chase away the weasels
oh wretched me!
my poor old bones
my freckled skin
my wispy hair
my pointy nose
my white white beard
my sore sore feet
my fiery heart
my blue black crow
my jet black wand
i broke the rules
my evil eye
gold to lead
living to dead
white to red
cut to bled
a new newt in a new town
suck leech suck
bite ant bite
slither snake slither
hither and thither
i curse and it gets worse
devil you jesus lord of the flies
am i really mad i wonder
but the moon says oh no no no
am i so ugly i ask crow
oh no no no
my crow she doesnt think so
we come to a lake
a lakey lake silvered and smooth
i dont like it crow i says to the bird
crows caw caw caw
this is unholy water i says to her
crow shakes her shapely head
nasty little lake here hindering us
cant swim it ugh shudder
i heard of things living in these waters
take you down into horrible cold wet jaws
slimy scaly big and coily
a waterworm with teeth like razors
black lake
unhallowed stagnant mire
mournful water
dead trees
lake you were not here before
how did you lake spring forth?
where do you go when you go away?
what are your big black fish?
how many fathoms deep to the drowned village?
how cold is your slippery murk?
oh evil lake
oh ugly body
come crow
i would be gone
woe begone
but the land around you sucks
and the marshes emit a chilling mist
fly crow away
crow flies up away from this sickening thickening fog
she finds the clean air up above us
but oh i am alone
my wand will not ignite
to cast its magical light
i am trickless
crow has flown away but where…?
alone on the ground
the mist carries no sound
enveloping me hiding me from my moon
i cannot remember my spells
my words have no authority
my mind has no belief
old and alone with my jet black stick
waving around in the soundless misty mist
tripping and ripping my cloak
soak me rain
chill me night
take my sight
thin my skin
old and cold
muck and mould
oh poor me
a magician you see
a powerful man
a dragon killer a mighty sorcerer
reduced to this
seduced by time
ravaged and ruined and coming undone
bleached and faded and abraded and frozen
unchosen unblessed uncaressed
bugger this lake!
black filthy pond
black useless wand
black absent crow
black burning heart
bad bad world
full of spiders and slugs and thugs and riders
wet leaves thieves blood and mud
tree trunks and foxholes and lost souls
thorns and horns and hedges and teeth
rotten life you black maw
horrible sky starts to rain and pour
poor me
where is crow?

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