posted on February 11, 2008 at 6:58 am

sitting up a tree tree tree
talking to my bird
caw caw caw she says
i says this and that
i’m hungry and cold and wet
as per bloody muddy usual
cold as a corpse
hungry as a horse
wet as a wicked old toad
i plot i plan i dodge the man
men at arms
men wander around through the green trees
i’m hatching a scheme
cooking up a little dreamy dream
one fell foul swoop
magic and revenge
then i feel a pain
a sharp pain in my chest
oh no
crow is looking at me all wrong
i see her cawing but i hear nothing
its funny i thought that arrow would have hurt me more
crow is up and fluttering about
another arrow flies through the tree
and another
and another
they go by so slow
slowly floating by
fly away now you stupid crow
quickly now
i see another arrow travelling real slow
i see its fletching
the black feathers guiding it home
the thought occurs to me
they have used a crows feathers
and it makes me sad
as i sit up in my branch
watching arrows go by silently
an arrow protruding from my chest
a miracle
it causes me no pain anymore
crow flapping about like a fool
a very disobedient bird
i tell her to go go go away
im feeling very faint and tired now
fly away old girl i say or seem to think i say
and an arrow hits her
and she tumbles out of the tree
i let go and i fall
fall fall falling fell
i see myself crash
a dirty old heap
the soldiers poke at me and move on
i suppose i’m dead
where is crow i think
silly crow she never listened
i hear my name
i turn around
fast the magician…..?
a black woman
a beautiful black woman
fast….is that you? she asks
and who might you be ? i ask not even surprised
easy ! she says
easy? i says
easy…….i am crow….
seems so….shall we go?
yeah…..lets blow!


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