posted on February 6, 2008 at 8:43 pm

damned witch !
damned bird !
damned magic !
damned rain !
damned villagers !
mutter mutter curse and splutter
come here then girl ….
stop making all that damned noise !
crow flies to my shoulder
she sits pecking the nits out of my hair and beard
ah thats good make yourself useful
dont peck so hard you stupid thing…
oh i am sorry crow my beautiful girl
oh yes
soon my girl
something nice for us to eat
and a warm dry place
oh we are so old so old drenched and cold
by my magical art i start a small fire
crow flies away into the nighty night
shes going hunting
her huge wings blot out the stars
many lives ago maybe crow was human woman
many lives ago maybe i was hawk or falcon
i sit and poke my flaming little fire
burn burn die and return
crackle branches crackle leaves
spark and dark spark and dark
oh i will love to see the faces in the villages
when i raise the sun in the middle of the night
when i call it back from yesterday
and crops fail
and children sicken
hopping toads
crawling snake
choking smoke
dying ache
beelzebub and arioch
mandenezzar and horribus
wicked worms undoing us
oh i need a spell
oh i need to gather myself
oh i need some things
crow where are you ?
where do you fly?
thunder rumbles
bats against the purple sky
my crow amongst the bats
the sky filled with dark things
flying goblins
i spit
crow crow
i cannot read your thoughts tonight
my fire dies
my hope is gone
then crow appears
bedraggled and small
i take her in under my robe
move out of forest then
find witchy witch
steal her magic
eat her hare
over hill and dale
over field and road
tramping trudging so begrudging
blackbird against my chest softly pecks
my wand of jet
the blackest stick
my black magic stick
i have charged thee
spit and spunk and poison and blood
fire and earth and water have cleansed thee
unburnt you emerge from hells flames
full of satans revengeful scorn
black wand
black bird
black heart
black sky
i will drown the world in black
black angel inside my crow
black trees and black death
my wand glows ever so faintly
pale blue in the darkness
it twitches and jumps
eager eager nasty stick
do your dirty wishes
you spiteful rod
evil jet
left handed magic
the wrong path
oh i’ll show ’em
master of birds
a murder of crows
roasted witch
crooked cooked bitch
burny itch
deep ditch
stumble fumble trip and bumble
evil upheaval biting little weevils
oh we’ll make ’em sweat mrs crow
oh we’ll blast ’em dead mr wand
ah the moony moon comes sailing up
away clouds!
let her shine
let wand drink deep of moons power
let the night fill him with malice
let everything good be cancelled out!

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